Equipment Shop

The rain has settled in for the night, so much so that it's begun to soak through your good, heavy synth boots. The rain here is slick, almost oily, and you sprint down the road and duck through a nearby open door. To your surprise, you nearly trip face first crossing the threshold of the shop. Before you can hit the ground, a short, fat, eldery old man puts his hand up into the air. You hear the hum of energy as a greyish-blue hologram is projected from his hand. You have just enough time midfall to think the hologram looks a bit bird-like before it hits you square in the chest, stopping your fall. As the man looks you over, the hologram decays into oblivion. A large grin spreads across his face as he gestures to the racks and racks of assorted goods. "Welcome traveler! Sorry, sorry, I've been meaning to fix that silly hump. My name is Palterjok, I'm an old Jack from way back, and I love to tinker! What's your pleasure?"


Item Name Price Rarity Notes

Light Weapons

Bola 2 Shins Common Entangles target.
Grassar 3 Shins Uncommon A sharpened piece of metal bent at an odd angle and then twisted. Able to be thrown around obstacles with practice. Short range.
Needle Glove 14 Shins Very Rare A light weapon used in assassinations as a poisoning tool.
Sap 1 Shins Common
Shatter Knife 5 Shins Uncommon A light weapon made to siphon out the blood of its victim.

Medium Weapons

Dust Blade 100 Shins Rare A modified arc wand with memory dust reservoirs that form into sharp blades.
Multi-Stinger 15 Shins Very Rare A shaped, metal tube filled with 24 arrows, communally linked to a small charge.
Narrowing Spear 16 Shins Rare If the weapon is ever entangled, or somehow arrested, the PC can unsheathe the shortsword hidden within the shaft to free himself.
Rete 5 Shins Common Entangles the target heavily, can be thrown up to Short range
Tolpik 6 Shins Common A pole-arm with one end of the shaft attached to a bent and sharpened piece of metal with narrow spikes welded to make an effective prod/weapon.
Trispear 4 Shins Uncommon Can be thrown up to long range.

Heavy Weapons

Claymore 7 Shins Uncommon
Detowan 142 Shins Very Rare An advanced piece of engineering that allows for the firing of small, metal projectiles.
Fuuma 8 Shins Uncommon A heavy, four bladed weapon with a circular handhold in the center.
Lance 4-12 Shins Common A heavy reaching weapon that is balanced so that the wielder can use his other hand to guide his/her mount.
Urumi 22 Shins Rare A 12-16 foot length of pliable metal with two sharpened edges leading back to a handle.
Xi Hook 10 Shins Rare A heavy weapon that can be cast out to Short range and be embedded into the targets flesh.


Item Name Price Rarity Notes

Light Armor

Metal Clothes 42 Shins Uncommon A set of clothing made from pliable metal. This clothing retains the strength of steel, while still acting much like cloth.
Padded Cloth 9 Shins Common Long, raggedy strips of cloth and padded pieces of clothes offer little protection against a serious attack, but are able to more often than not detour an incoming blow by virtue of its lack of firm surface.

Medium Armor

Blood Barm Armor 40 Shins Rare Additional +2 armor against Bludgeoning / Crushing attacks. Grants 2 armor against falling damage.

Special Medium Armor

Chirog Armor 80 Shins Very Rare This armor is only found in a special region.

Heavy Armor

Force Projector Armor 120 Shins Rare Grants 3 Armor, of which one point applies to energy attacks as well as physical ones.
Suit of Living Metal 115 Shins Rare A suit of plate armor made of living metal. Repairs almost any damage to itself within a couple of days.

Special Items

Item Name Price Rarity Notes


Arc Wand 80 Shins Rare A small device capable of providing a "jump start" for electrical devices.
Artificial Ley Line 18 Shins Rare A 50 foot spool of bright blue wire, capable of conducting most any type of energy.
Azure Surgeons Kit 100 Shins Rare An Azure Surgeons Kit can be used to treat lasting damage, and provides an asset to healing tasks.
Cerulean Spar 10 Shins Uncommon A 2ft prop of salvaged Azure Steel, it can support up to 100,000lb before yielding.
Cloud Lantern 25 Shins Uncommon Cloud lanterns, once lit, emit normal light at short range (15m) and dim light at long (30m). A filled oil reservoir lasts for 100 hours continuous use.
Conductive Firmament 4-12 Shins Uncommon An additive to any electrical esotery. Electrical based esoteries are one step easier to cast.
Cypher Chest 1000 Shins Rare This item can store up to 9 cyphers safely; items sealed within are cut off from the datasphere and cannot be the target of esotries or foci. Removing a cypher from the chest takes 3 rounds.
Ghan Sea Chest 80 Shins Rare It is a difficulty 7 (Breaking) task to open a Ghan Sea Chest using conventional means.
Glow Iron Shield 4o Shins Rare A shield wrapped in bands of glow iron that are used to dissipate any non kinetic attacks. Usually breaks after a couple of physical attacks.
Gravity Harness 250 Shins Rare The wearer gains an asset on all climbing, jumping and balancing actions, and halves all falling damage (falling 10ft deals no damage). However all tasks and combat actions that involve pitting weight against weight are 1 step harder.
Holo Rocket 20-35 Shins Very Rare Able to float into the air to a pre-designated height and project a 3-D image from the user's mind
Journeymans Kit 100 Shins Rare The user gains an asset on tasks to identify cyphers, artefacts and chemicals. These tasks cannot be the target of a GM intrusion on a roll of 1.
Mirror Paper 10 Shins Uncommon Messages written on one paper will appear on the other despite any distance between the two sheets.
Pre-Programmed Automaton 3350 Shins Very Rare An ancient automaton with very little cognitive power. Mostly programmed to carry out a single task.
Prima Cinere 35-50 Shins Very Rare Acts as an additive for all esoteric effects, powers, and/or abilities.
Sky chains 400 Shins Rare Sky chains produce a negative weight of -200 pounds, this is enough to lift all but the heaviest human into the air.
Voice Taker 25 Shins Very Rare A small ball of solid sound capable of recording up to an hour of audio.
Weigh-less Containers 400 Shins Uncommon Counters up to 200lb of contained weight, any additional weight is counted as normal.

Other Items

Item Name Price Rarity Notes

Adventuring Items

Bio Foam 100 Shins Uncommon Used to treat internal injuries quickly and effectively, restoring 6 points of Speed.
Book: A Systematic Study of Numeneric Elements 24 Shins Very Rare Written by Fedderist, a centuries old nano, it goes in depth on how the numenera function. Grants an asset towards all numenera related tasks.
Book: Enchanting Others 11 Shins Common A short book written by Leverett Stamper of the Twelfth Ode. Grants an asset towards persuasion.
Book: Guide to Gourmet Cooking 7 Shins Common Written by an unknown author, this book grants an asset on cooking delicious meals.
Book: Hunting Your Hunter 15 Shins Uncommon Written by Kwaidyno, a varjellan of some renown in the hunting community. Grants an asset towards any task having to do with hunting.
Book: On Hexons and Hive Minds 14 Shins Rare A book by Mabon Macabee on the subjects of insects, hive minds and the threat of the Hex. Grants an asset towards any of these three areas of knowledge.
Book: Strange Storms 10 Shins Very Rare A book by Orannius, recently published after his most recent encounter with the Iron Wind. Grants an asset on predicting the weather.
Book: The Finer Points of Philosophy 8 Shins Uncommon A book written by the Varjellan philosopher, Visixtru. Grants an asset towards philosophical debates.
Book: The Glaive's Book of Fighting Moves 21 Shins Rare A book written Orannius before he started to chase storms. Grants an asset towards a fighting move of your choice for the next few hours.
Book: The Truth Behind the Order of Truth 6 Shins Uncommon A book written by Narada Trome, a well known anti-papist. Grants an asset when trying to convince another to distrust the Order of Truth.
Breathing Mask 25 Shins Rare A metal mask with synth bands to wrap around the head and create a tight seal. Two ports allow for vials to be inserted and for the wearer to inhale the contents.
Canteen 2 Shins Common A metal, or synth, container/bottle used to store up to three days worth of water.
Chain 2 Shins Common 10 foot length of iron chain.
Chest 4 Shins Common A wooden box reinforced with iron for durability. Meant for long term storage of items.
Conduction Cage 100 Shins Very Rare A mesh of wires fitted to a humanoid form that ground all electrical energy directed at the wearer.
Fire Bead 5 Shins Common When broken open, this small bead will smolder for a moment before flaring into a perfect campfire.
Flame Cloak 134 Shins Very Rare Used to stay warm despite almost any level of cold.
Hardface Spikes 18 Shins Uncommon A set of Hardface Spikes provide an asset on Climbing tasks.
Leaf Cloak 14 Shins Uncommon Provides asset for hiding and stealth in rural areas
Local Map 4-8 Shins Uncommon A simple representation of the local area. Grants an asset towards navigation in the area defined by the map.
Lockbane Auger 20 Shins Uncommon Lockbane Augers provide an asset to Lockpicking and Sabotage tasks and for its original tasks of Woodworking, Stoneworking and Metalworking.
Map of the Beyond 15 Shins Rare A somewhat rare approximation of the Beyond and its surrounds. Grants an asset towards navigation in the Beyond.
Map of The Steadfast 10 Shins Common A depiction of the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast and its immediate surrounds. Grants an asset towards navigation within the Steadfast.
Needle Cloak 42 Shins Very Rare A cloak with one side covered in hundreds of quick release needles. Capable of an large area attacks.
Relaxant Gas 100 Shins Uncommon A soothing mix of herbs and nano-spirits that when inhaled restores 6 Intellect.
Scatter Cloak 50 Shins Rare Ranged attacks against wearer are 1 step harder in bright light.
Stone Seed 20 Shins Rare A small (seemingly normal) pebble.
Storm Goggles 18 Shins Rare Physical attacks or effects that would blind the wearer are 1 step easier to resist.
Suredge Shears 20 Shins Uncommon Suredge Shears provide an asset to Breaking tasks.
Traveler's Pack 6 Shins Common A much larger version of a backpack with about four times the storage room. Built for secure holding of various items.

Food and Consumables

Blue Amber Flies 7 Shins Rare Taking the form of hundreds of molecule thick, blue butterflies in a synth bottle. Whenever they are released in a field they seek out the nearest tree and sink into it, causing it to fruit in under an hour.
Braised Dabirri 5 Shins Uncommon Extracted dabirri meat, cooked in a pot with other vegetables and water all day to make a succulent delicacy.
Concentrated Stim Pill 10 Shins Uncommon A small, round pill that keeps the user from falling asleep (naturally) for the next ten hours.
Cyan Bolts 80 Shins Rare Ignore 2 points of armor on a target struck by a cyan bolt.
Dagathir's Breath 9 Shins Uncommon Possibly the strongest alcoholic beverage in the Ninth World, it is capable of laying waste to a whole town. Just like the creature it takes its name from.
Dried Encephalon Bark 15 Shins Rare The dried out "bark" of an encephelon, rendered into a fine powder. Used as a sweetener for unpalatable foods. It is said that the bark makes the consumer smarter.
Drift Powder 10 Shins Uncommon Using a bag of Drift Powder as an additive to gravitic esoteries such as ‘hover’, doubles its duration.
Flavor Dust 1 Shins Common This will make food which is unpalatable taste good.
Flimari Cake 4 Shins Common A popular dessert in many parts of the world. Known for its sweet taste and causing pleasant dreams.
Glitter Powder 10 Shins Uncommon Using a bag of Glitter Powder as an additive to photonic esoteries such as ‘invisibility’ or ‘distortion’, doubles its duration.
Grilled Ergovore Tongue 3 Shins Common The tangy, and "electrical", taste of this grilled meal is quite a different experience.
Indigo Powder 15 Shins Rare Using a bag of Indigo Powder as an additive to generative nano-spirit esoteries such as ‘fabricate minion’ or ‘create’, doubles its duration.
Ion Tape 20 Shins Common A 50ft roll of adhesive, synth tape that bonds to materials as a level 4, and bonds to materials as a level 8 when electrified.
MRE 1 Shins Uncommon 1 mixed assortment of food stuffs suitable for one week of food. Travels well. Consumable. When opened Roll a D20, on a 1 the food has spoiled. Forfeit a recovery test.
Shard Darts 60 Shins Uncommon Deliver a dose of fluid to a target you deal at least 1 point of damage to.
Sun Lens 30 Shins Rare Using a Sun Lens as part of photonic esoteries such as 'cutting light', doubles it range.
Sweetened Golthiar Tendon 5 Shins Very Rare Only found in certain regions, sweetened golthiar tendon is a sweet tasting "vine" harvested from a live Golthiar and slowly crisped over a fire.
Vial of Liquid Air 15 Shins Common A glass vial containing an hour's worth of liquid air.
Wrtode 25 Shins Rare An addicting drug used in conjunction with alcohol to attain an extraordinary high for hours.
Zephyr Bolts 60 Shins Uncommon Double the effective range of a shot made using a zephyr bolt.


Canoe 20 Shins Uncommon Common near rivers
Empyrean Ship 700,000 Shins Very Rare An Empyrean Ship can travel at a maximum speed of 10mph and a maximum height of 10,000ft, requires a minimum crew of 15 to operate effectively and can transport roughly 50 tons of cargo.
Far Glider 300 Shins Rare A competent pilot using a Far Glider can travel around 100 miles on a clear day.
Handcart 15 Shins Common
Milieu Kite 12-50 Shins Uncommon A rather large kite, capable of being folded into a small square of cloth and synth for storage.
Rowboat 50 Shins Uncommon Common near rivers
Saddle 3-300 Shins Common Grants an asset towards riding tasks.
Two-Wheeler 55 Shins Rare A metal and synth frame capable of sustaining an average human's weight while propelling them forward on two rubber wheels.
Void Traveler 1,000,000 Shins Very Rare A ship capable of inter-atmospheric travel, a void traveler is one of the most expensive forms of travel in the Ninth World, but the only one capable of crossing into the void of Space.

NOTE: As Monte Cook Games releases expansions, it's highly likely they'll include additions to many common item listings. Should we have fan submissions that end up overlapping, we will remove said items in favor of whatever is released as official.