Content Submissions

Want to help us build the site and possibly get your ideas codified into our living sourcebook? Great, we’d love to see your ideas! Just submit an item below and give us all the details. We try to follow structures prescribed by the core rule book as closely as possible for consistency. Also, when submitting an item to us, please note that all content submissions are checked before going live on the site, just to check them for editing, spelling, organizations, making sure they aren’t duplicates, etc (at least to the best of our abilities).

Before submitting content to The Ninth World, we highly recommend you check out this information at the CypherCast Hub. The Hub can provide a great place to workshop new content before submitting it to the site so that you can get suggestions and feedback from the community to make sure your ideas are balanced and well-written. This isn’t required, it’s just a recommendation.

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