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The following items are the result of the hard work and contributions of the people in the Numenera community. Most of these items are created and released under the Numenera Fan Use Policy or the Limited License, and aren't official source materal created by Monte Cook Games. However, it's through their efforts that the world is made that much more rich by releasing these supplements. Be sure to check them out, and drop the authors a couple bucks if you like the content (especially the free stuff) so that we see more in the future.

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Aeon Inscriptions: Interfacing with the Datasphere (Coming Soon!)

by Andreas Walters

The Datasphere is an omnipresent force that permeates (almost) everything in our world and age. This connection, or ‘Numerisis,’ holds within it the power to reveal the secret truths of the Numenera or perhaps even holds the answers to our questions about the ancient past. However, the Datasphere is not a safe place. Many have entered and never returned so we must proceed with caution, to best understand what is numenera’s connection to the Datasphere.
Novestine, Philosopher

Agents of the Beyond by Michael Diamond

Agents of the Beyond

by Michael Diamond

Across the Black Riage Mountain, far from the troubles in the Steadfast, a wild journey takes three travelers from their simple lives to the sparkling gem of the Beyond. The Lambent Fields hold an untold number of secrets beneath their glitter dusted rocks, beckoning to smugglers and merchants alike, all eager to line their pockets with the valuable mechanical gadgets found there.

Aramon’del Windrunner and his partner Grom, a pair of scavengers turned scouts, must guide their enigmatic charge Syills through the wilds of the Beyond in an effort to reach their southern destination. A powerful king awaits her arrival as his prize, but a mad man stands in the way, convinced the pale skinned woman they travel with is the key to unlocking a powerful machine long since forgotten.

Angels & Ashes by Ryan Chaddock, Jordan Marshall, and Joseph DeSimone,

Angels & Ashes

by Ryan Chaddock, Jordan Marshall, and Joseph DeSimone,

Esoteric powers summoned by arcane gestures, syllables, and symbols. No technology looks so much like magic as the nanites of the Ninth World. Those who know their secret ways wield arcane power, just as the wizards and will-workers of legend.

ANGELS & ASHES is an 87 page nanotechnology book for Numenera, presenting an arcane take on the unseen forces of the world. It provides the following:

  • An alternate system for Cyphers, allowing any character to cast arcane spells from memory. Included are 48 printable Arcane Cypher cards.
  • Ten areas of arcane study, each with divergent paths of magical understanding, providing 22 Foci for use by player characters. Areas include traditional fantasy magics and extrapolations based on the technologies involved.
  • A system for small magical effects, called Charms. Provided are 100 Charms ready for play.
  • An arcane university based out of the metropolis of Qi. The adversaries and mentors you need to create an arcane campaign in the Ninth World.
  • Four pieces of fiction by author Joseph DeSimone.
  • Adversaries associated with each area of magical study.

Beyond The Edge: Buried Burdens

by Fabio Passamonti

Beyond The Edge (BTE) is a useful Numenera compatible digital resource for your roleplaying campaign. Every installment brings you in-depth characters, mortal perils and breathtaking locations. Each issue offers new game options, creatures and thrilling adventures – everything you need to take your campaign beyond the edge…of the known world.

Beyond The Edge is optimized for tablet and on screen reading, and has a landscape oriented layout.


In this very first installment, You’ll explore a hidden facility believed haunted, face the buried past and learn that every action — even the smallest one — can make a ripple. That ripple becomes a wave…and enough waves can storm the sea.

Buried Burdens is a scenario for 4-6 players. It comes complete with:

  • 2 new dangerous creatures, a lot of characters and items to add to any campaign.
  • 3 detailed adventure locations.
  • Imaginative, full color art and maps.
Beyond The Edge: Unknown Wonders by Fabio Passamonti

Beyond The Edge: Unknown Wonders

by Fabio Passamonti

Hydra Team and Wyrd Edizioni are proud to bring you Beyond the Edge #2: Unknown Wonders. It provides Numenera players and GMs with a choice of options for better customizing characters. It comes complete with:

New Character customization options –

  • Character Heritage feature (You have a quasi artificial body, but how? You can alter your phase state and become ethereal, but why? You’re able to control beasts, but since when? Your heritage is the answer).
  • Seven Descriptors like Cooperative, Mysterious and Resourceful.
  • Seven Foci to make your character even more unique (e.g. Duplicate Himself/Herself, Has a Shade Twin or Is a Living Assimilator).

New Technology –

  • Ten Cyphers, from the Bloodline Analyzer to the Voice Trapper.
  • Five Artifacts, such as the Psychometric Probe or the Technophobia Inducer.

Beyond The Edge: Weird Lore

by Fabio Passamonti

Hydra Team and Wyrd Edizioni are excited to bring you Beyond the Edge #3: Weird Lore. It provides Numenera players and GMs with a deeper exploration of the weird and wondrous in The Scattered Lands, expanding the opportunities for adventure and discovery.

To set the scene, Weird Lore first considers the measures of weirdness and how they might impact the qualities and colour of your campaign.

The Scattered Lands dives into the history and geography of the region, providing suggestions on how you can adopt the Lands as the backdrop for your adventures and campaigns.

  • Consider the history and origins of the long dead Xendalian
  • Meet the challenges of the toxic deserts of the Broken Land of Tusi or submerge yourself in the inky bounds of the Sootsea
  • Hunt through the ruins and remains that survived The Wounding, the deathblow to the ancient civilisations of the region

Weird Lore then dives into five different weird themes, with material for both players and GMs, that play upon the strange and alien possibilities of the Scattered Lands.

  • Claim back the weird bloodline of The Scattered Lands with the Xendalian Descriptor
  • Deal in the trade of dreams and visions in the breath-taking city of Mirage
  • Uncover the experiments in mutation committed by Magister Taranthius – and, perhaps, become a party of mutants with a selection of new mutation based sub-Descriptors
  • Walk the wastes in the footsteps of the Clang One, a nomadic people descended from weird biotech experiments
  • Ride the winds between the islands of the Hanging Pelagus, free-floating islands that together hold the secret from beyond the Ninth World.
The Bridges we Burn by Janek Sielicki

Bridges we Burn, The

by Janek Sielicki

The Ninth World is full of wonders and dangers. Just how far will your heroes go to explore them all? How many traps will they disarm, how many ancient tombs unearth? And while doing so, will they ever stop and think about the consequences of their actions? How many bridges will they burn to get treasures, knowledge and glory?

This campaign consists of 5 linked scenarios that can be also played separately. They are designed for Tier 3 characters and offer a variety of challenges: a grand ball and mingling with nobles, investigation, exploration of a strange fortress and finally – battling a powerful monster and its minions to save a city.

The campaign provides 25-30 hours of play, but can be easily expanded and built upon for even more fun! It takes place in the city of Uxphon, which featured in “The Devil’s Spine,” and serves as an excellent follow-up set of new adventures. But fret not, knowledge of “The Spine” is not required!

Includes never-before seen art to inspire your imagination. And yeah – it is gorgeous.

Celestial Wisdom

by Ryan Chaddock

The Ninth World holds many wondrous and terrible things from earth’s past. Perhaps the most familiar to us in the 21st century is the Datasphere, an extrapolation of our internet, cast a billion years into the future. Once a galaxy spanning network responsible for the dataflow of countless empires, the Datasphere of the Ninth World is a broken monument to the hubris of the past. Filled with creatures of math and rules and hate, the bloated software that helped to make a perfect past now serves only to maintain chaos and misery.

Celestial Wisdom is an exploration of the Datasphere for Numenera that includes:

  • A pantheon of digital gods – uploaded minds, artificial intelligences, alien virii, and more.
  • New powers for every Tier, new Backgrounds, and new Foci.
  • 50 Cyphers, 18 Artifacts, and 100 new Oddities.
  • Story seeds for intefacing these Datasphere abilities and items with your Numenera game.

Celestial Wisdom includes Lovecraft-inspired Old Gods and a lovecraftian focus: Knows Too Much.  It goes great with In Strange Aeons, MCG’s new supplement for Numenera!

CypherCaster Magazine

CypherCaster Magazine

by CypherCast Network

The newly formed CypherCast Network’s premiere project will be a digital magazine devoted to covering Monte Cook Games (MCG) products.

The CypherCaster Magazine will launch in May 2015 with an intended publishing frequency of every two months. This is an unofficial but licensed magazine and content will be largely fan-driven.

The types of content will include, but not be limited to:

  • MCG product previews
  • Licensed product previews
  • Adventures, standalone & serialized
  • Recursions
  • Show’ems and plot seeds
  • Cyphers, Artifacts, & Oddities
  • Creatures
  • Fiction, short & serialized
  • Hacks
  • GM tips & tricks
  • Pre-generated characters
  • MCG Asset Team news & events
  • MCG Organized Play news

Explorations: Echoes of the Prior Worlds

by Joseph DeSimone and Ryan Chaddock

The worlds that came before the ninth call out to us from dusty ruins and icy peaks.  The explorers among us may salvage the past to bring new light to our future, but only at great cost.

In our first Exploration we delve into a baker’s dozen short adventures for speedy use by Game Masters in need.  These easy to deploy one page stories revolve around seeking out the secrets of the past, each with its own full page set of maps.  The book boasts three new Foci for use by players, as well as two new Descriptors, all perfect for new characters that are ready to dredge up the past through daring escapades.

Each adventure is carefully constructed around the Discovery XP system presented in Numenera, a stark departure from more combat oriented play and an easy way to entice your players into further exploration of the Ninth World.

The Mechanical Bard

Mechanical Bard, The: Ninth World Tales

by Various Authors

A good tale can be worth more than a thousand shins. At least, that is what the Mechanical Bard says. For a tale can lead to great discovery or even great ruin…

This Anthology presents to the Numenera community the first of its kind, a fan-made collection of Numenera tales. Authored by four inspiring writers: Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Jason Fuhrman, Petteri Sulonen, and Chris Sniezak. The Mechanical bard narrates the following tales:

  • The Garden
  • Elza D
  • Resonance
  • Liora’s Call
  • Hilfolk
  • The Angel Stone

Available Formats .PDF .MOBI .EPUB & PRINT

Naval Encounters

by Andreas Walters

Submerge yourself and set sail into the sands, sky, sea and even into space! Naval Encounters provides you with a comprehensive look at how to insert vessels of any kind into your campaign. Laden full of vessels, enemies, beasts, locations, advancements and opportunities, you will find this book an asset to every campaign. Set sail into the Ninth World and discover what awaits!

  • New character customization options
  • Ship options and improvements
  • Options for those on-voyage
  • Vessel-bound organizations
  • New creatures and NPCs to encounter abroad
  • Campaign seeds worthy of their own bounty

Naval Perils

by Andreas Walters

A free supplement to the Numenera Community. Naval Perils expands and enhances the Naval Encounters supplement by providing new locations, vessels and creatures that can be encountered upon in the skies, high seas or in the deepest depths of the Undersea. Pulling art from over 10 diversely skilled artists, this supplement is a must-download for GMs who want to make their players’ voyage a little weirder.

Ninth World Assassins

by Andreas Walters

Assassins, the mysterious agents who are capable of exterminating their targets without leaving a trace. These people exist in the ninth realm, they just haven’t found you yet. In this book you will find new ways to customize your villians and characters into the deadliest assassins in the Steadfast. Just beware, they may be looking for you…

This book provides you with:

  • New character customization options
    • 9 Different descriptors
    • 5 Murderous foci
  • Poisons, traps and artifacts
    • 10+ Mundane items
    • 36 New poisons
    • 26 Traps
    • 10 Artifacts
  • Additional uses for XP outside of advancement
    • Guild options
    • 6 Home-base enhancements
    • 6 In-game applications including the Player Intrusion
  • Join and advance within an guild or organization
    • Methods and mechanics to build your own or try 7 readied guilds!
  • 2 New creatures and 3 notable NPCs!
  • 14 Campaign seeds to add to your campaign
Notable Ninth Worlders

Notable Ninth Worlders

by David Schirduan and Andreas Walters

If the Ninth World is weird, then those that live in it are even weirder. It is impossible to live in such a world, and not be touched by it somehow. A few though, rises above petty matters. They are those who wields the world, instead of being wielded by it.

Who are they? What are their secrets? Find out!

Notable Ninth Worlders includes:

  • A wide variety of NPCs that are readied to use in your campaign. From vicious rivals, informative sources, helpful traders or famous notables.
  • Advice to how to use the NPC, including suggestions of parts they can play in a campaign and story seeds based on them.
  • A handy character generator which can help you create unique and weird Ninth Worlds on the spot.
Races of Karexus, Volume I by Jacob DC Ross

Races of Karexus, Volume I

by Jacob DC Ross

Races of Karexus, Volume I is the first in a brand new line of supplements for the bestselling Numenera RPG. Set on a colony of the Ninth Age, Karexus and its inhabitants bring more of the mystery, excitement and weird that you love in your Numenera games.

Inside you will find:

  • 2 New Descriptors, Mercurial and Selfless
  • 2 New Foci, Swarms Forth and Takes Root
  • 2 New Species and new complementary rules for playing non-human PCs
  • 2 New Organizations, the Naturalist Society and the Delned Artists’ Circle
  • 2 New Location-based Descriptors
  • 9 New Cyphers
  • A beautiful map and write-up of the Northern Wilds, an untamed land on Karexus
  • New Creatures, including a kin of the fearsome Titanothaurs
  • Several NPCs
  • New Weirdness in the form of Cypher packs

This book is designed to be either played with its new setting or dropped into the Ninth World. It is written in broad strokes so that it can easily be ported even into an ongoing campaign. This pdf is set up for screen reading; no need to scroll back up to read a second column of text!

Rusthaven: An Iron Wind Sourcebook for Numenera

by Andrew Montgomery‐Hurrell and Karl Larsson

Rusthaven is a sourcebook for the roleplaying game Numenera and adds new creatures, organisations, descriptors and foci, new NPCs, a completely new set of Iron Wind-caused mutations known as ‘corrosions’ and, of course, the location of Rusthaven itself. It covers multiple types of Iron Wind, how society reacts to them and the prejudices that exist out of fear and ignorance towards the Wind and the people affected by it. A new system for creating random cyphers created by the Wind itself is included, alongside a collection of new artifacts and oddities.

Filled with new artwork, a complete mini-adventure and several adventure seeds, Rusthaven has everything you need to bring the Iron Wind into your game. Taking inspiration from the body horror subgenre and the weird of Numenera itself, Rusthaven explores both the dark and the bizarre, the bleak and the hopeful.

The Skyscrape by Ryan Chaddock

Skyscrape, The

by Ryan Chaddock


A disk the size of a modern metropolis hovers over the Ninth World, darkening the sky and the lives of those below it. What secrets lie within this mysterious artifact of the prior worlds? What power keeps it above the world, a flying shin in the night? Questions like these plague those who have seen this remnant of the old civilizations of Earth. Some are even inspired to invent or find some way to join the socalled Skyscrape up in the heavens and bring its treasures back down.

EXPLORATIONS: THE SKYSCRAPE is a six part adventure series for Numenera, detailing a flying metropolis full of prior world wonders. It is the second in our Explorations series: a set of adventure supplements leveraging Numenera’s unique Discovery system for experience to create excitingly exploration-based game sessions.

It provides the following:

  • A six part adventure, exploring the city, its trap-filled underground, and the “shimmering spire” that forms the pinnacle of the ancient metropolis’ majesty.
  • Three new Descriptors for scavengers: Erudite, Impervious, and Voracious.
  • Three new Foci for heroes who aim to learn the secrets of the ancients: Deciphers Signs and Symbols, Removes Barriers, and Repairs Ancient Devices.
  • New loot customized for adventures in the Skyscrape: 100 new Oddities, 5 Artifacts, and 36 Cyphers (in an easy print-and-cut format).
The Sun Below: City on the Edge, by John WS Marvin

Sun Below, The: City on the Edge

by John WS Marvin

What if I told you there is a world below this one? A world with its own sun? Full of strange peoples, amazing discoveries, and unspeakable horror? Finding your way down to this world is almost impossible.

Finding a way back up, well, that’s worse.

The Sun Below: City on the Edge, is an epic adventure for Numenera that takes place deep below the surface of the Ninth World. What starts as an investigation into the aftermath of the Iron Wind soon turns to kiddnapping, a strange journey to an even stranger city.

Who will the player characters trust? Will they escape The City on the Edge?

A 48 page adventure with a 12 page bestiary. Bookmarked and laid out like products you know and love.

An adventure for any tier party that your players will never forget.

Sun Below, The: Sleeping Lady

by John W.S. Marvin

49 page adventure for all tiers, 16 page bestiary, new numenera, dozens of GM Intrusions, and player handouts.

Who is the Sleeping Lady? What’s in the numenera mines? What is knock, knock, knocking at the door? Hang onto your minds and bodies, because secrets of Orb Mountain are about to be revealed!

The Wander by Ryan Chaddock

Wander, The

by Ryan Chaddock

It stretches and winds through the Ninth World, seeking unknowable facets of a landscape already touched by the dangerous refuse of the past.  The Wandering Walk is a path known only to a few and trekked only by the brave and the foolish.

The Wander is a supplement for Numenera detailing strange locations, unfathomable encounters, and useful equipment for those adventurers and explorers seeking the bounties of the prior worlds along the Wandering Walk.  As an extension of the Numenera corebook adventure The Beale of Boregal it is a perfect place to start for a fledgling party of explorers.

Included you’ll find:

  • Four detailed sites along the Wander, including the people and places that make it special and dangerous.
  • A deck of strange encounters for embellishing on the Wandering Walk, or spicing up nearly any Numenera campaign.
  • A deck of new Cyphers for use and excavation along the Wander.
  • Four organizations that make the Wander their home, and the powers they derive from the unusual bloodscar that they develop in their travels.

The Wander represents a return to what Numenera is all about- exploring a world full of odd people, strange pseudoscientific effects, and powerful relics of the past.

Whisper Campaigns by Ryan Chaddock

Whisper Campaigns

by Ryan Chaddock, Jordan Marshall, and Joseph DeSimone,


Adventure isn’t just for the desolate wilderness in the Ninth World.  Opulent and weird, the nobles and knights of the Steadfast and the Beyond play a bloody game of cloak and dagger.  Combining strange powers and technologies with ruthless ambition, the world of politics in Numenera is fascinating and strange.

WHISPER CAMPAIGNS is a 99 page intrigue supplement for Numenera, featuring all new systems for courtly “diplomacy”.  It provides the following:

  • A primer on political campaigns, capable of opening up whole new Machiavellian worlds in any game setting, but supporting the particularly strange world of Numenera and its courts.
  • An Intrigue Cypher system, based loosely on the normal Cypher rules, which allows for dynamic and powerful political adventure.  Included are 36 Intrigue Cyphers, ready to be printed out and played.
  • Eleven noble houses, each risen to greatness through luck, numenera, and ruthlessness.  Each with their own unique Descriptors and Foci.
  • Seven twisted knighthoods, available for any character to join, but also providing their own Descriptors and Foci for deep delves into their practices.
  • Thirty-six new Cyphers, six Artifacts, and 100 Oddities, all suitable for espionage, seduction, and intrigue.
  • A look at the politically tenuous kingdom of Iscobal and its capitol city of Mulen, with information on five political factions vying for the throne.
Wits Alone by Ryan Chaddock

Wits Alone

by Ryan Chaddock

Huddled in their makeshift cities, cobbled together from the expended glory of earlier civilizations, the people of the Ninth World are desperate.  Survival is everything in these times and this makes for a society with a distinctly dirty underbelly.

In a world without a common sense of law or even decency, what qualifies as crime?  Wits Alone is a guide to the seedy side of Numenera.  We all know it’s there, but most of us would prefer our heroes clean and unspoiled by the grey areas of morality such a dangerous world would make.  This supplement is for those who are willing to stare into the dark and see who stares back.

This book provides suggestions for criminal and law-bringer campaigns, numerous player options for characters walking on the wrong side of the tracks, a plethora of new Cyphers and Artifacts, and a look at the dark side of the city of Uxphon.  It even takes a good hard look at black markets and provides guidance for building your stories around their strange economies of trust and power.

Disclaimer: Inclusion of a product in the library does not constitute an endorsement of the product or its author, but rather simply an acknowledgement of its existence. The Ninth World does not claim to be the owner or creator of anything listed here (unless specifically noted on the item). All products are owned by the respective authors.