Milieu Kite

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Originally made by those living in the Slant Milieu, the Milieu Kite is shaped like a large square with two sides being slightly longer than the other two. The kite measures approximately 8 feet by 9 feet depending on where it was made. This kite can be made from a variety of materials, but most commonly thin (but strong) lengths of synthsteel will serve as the framework while adamant silk is used for the canvas. Less sturdy versions of the kite exist, but higher quality materials such as those listed above ensure that its original purpose can be achieved. Designed to catch the wind in such a way that a human could hold on to the Milieu Kite as it rose high into the air. From this new vantage point, a human could survey large areas of land, looking for game to hunt, or approaching enemies. To be lifted in this fashion, the wind must be at least moderately gusty (not an issue in the Slant Milieu) and for safety, most tend to have some kind of cord, or cable attached to the kite so it does not fly off with its human cargo. Can also be used in recreational pursuits.


12-50 Shin(s)
Additional Notes:
A rather large kite, capable of being folded into a small square of cloth and synth for storage.

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