Storm Goggles

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Various forms of eye protection have sprung up all across the Ninth world, but the exclusive use of salvaged stronglass in eyewear first grew to prominence among of traders crossing the Jagged Wastes of Dessanedi. The lethal storms that sweep that land pitted and cracked ordinary glass and ate away clear synth in minutes. Only stronglass had the fortitude to contend with this wasteland, so Storm Goggles soon complemented the Shear trader’s armored suits and dust masks. These simple steel cups are lined with leather and set with two stronglass discs. Cheaper versions use a leather belt to keep the goggles in place, but any Dessanedi trader worth a damn gets a pliable metal band or incorporates them into a steel helmet. Some are rumoured to use lenses possessed by jinn that guide them through the worst of storms.


18 Shin(s)
Additional Notes:
Physical attacks or effects that would blind the wearer are 1 step easier to resist.

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