Cypher Chest

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These chests were first devised by the Order of Truth as a means of transporting dangerous cyphers for study in the enclaves dotted around the Steadfast. Knowing the propensity such items for spontaneous destruction, it includes some of the best means for dampening numenera radiations available outside of the Orders sealed vaults. A 3ft long lead coffer with multiple partitioned sections of various sizes. Each section consists of a photochromic stronglass box, their lids kept airtight by ceramic screws. Inset into the coffers front face is a small disc like oddity that pulses with a faint orange light. Of course it if far from fool proof, particularly when you have one of the inferior copies made from shoddy materials.


1000 Shin(s)
Additional Notes:
This item can store up to 9 cyphers safely; items sealed within are cut off from the datasphere and cannot be the target of esotries or foci. Removing a cypher from the chest takes 3 rounds.

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