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Resembling what people from the 21st century would call a musket, the name “detowan” is a shortened version of “Detonation Wand”. Made from various material, based on the region it was manufactured in, a detowan is capable of projecting a (for lack of a better term) bullet up to 500 feet and inflicting damage as a heavy weapon. After firing, reloading the detowan takes three rounds. Production of detowans is still very limited, but their application for warfare cannot be denied, and they have started to be deployed in the battlefield by several nations. Their long reload time, and production cost has made sure that their use is still quite scarce. Bullets made for detowans are just as rare, but cost about 6 shins for a pack of 12 as they are relatively easy to manufacture.


142 Shin(s)
Very Rare
Additional Notes:
An advanced piece of engineering that allows for the firing of small, metal projectiles.

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