Blood Barm Armor

Published October 17, 2013 by

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A blood Barm is a four legged creature about the size and shape of a turkey. Instead of feathers, a Barm’s body is covered with myriad vesicles.  In the town of Picalah a small group of armorers have discovered how to pluck  individual myriad vesicles  that have not turned into unborn Barm’s.  And through a special curing process the liquid in the vesicles turn into a form of impact gel. While the local armorers are currently finding new uses for these vesicles (Padded shoes, protective gloves and stuffing for bedding) they have woven it into leather, making an impact resistant armor.


40 Shin(s)
Additional Notes:
Additional +2 armor against Bludgeoning / Crushing attacks. Grants 2 armor against falling damage.

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