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A small, amphibious creature that is shaped somewhat like a green bracelet that moves by bouncing with its naturally elastic body. The wrtode can be boiled and then left to dry for several hours. At this point the wrtode is much smaller and is almost perfectly sized to fit over the tongue. Prepared wrtodes are slipped over the tongue and then the imbiber will partake of an alcoholic drink. A chemical reaction between the wrtode and the alcohol makes the wrtode dissolve in a gelatinous mass of foam. The foam can’t move upward for some reason and so it will rush down the user’s throat. The experience is akin to being choked and having the inside of your mouth burned. But, with these feelings comes an extraordinary high that lasts for hours. People have been known to become addicted to wrtodes and their high, but with a little moderation the urge to “choke” down a wrtode can be managed.


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Additional Notes:
An addicting drug used in conjunction with alcohol to attain an extraordinary high for hours.

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