Needle Cloak

Published February 20, 2015 by

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A normal cloak, capable of being worn over the shoulders, covering the back and maybe even down to the legs. If by normal you mean capable of releasing a hail of needles with a precise flick and turning your target into a pincushion. This cloak can be used as a medium weapon, that can make an area attack against all who are within immediate range of the user. Or, it can be used against a single target at one step easier to hit. Any one attacked by the storm of needles will automatically incur 1 point of damage, even on a successful defense action. The cloak can be used about 6 times (without picking the needles back up and reattaching them) before a new one is needed.


42 Shin(s)
Very Rare
Additional Notes:
A cloak with one side covered in hundreds of quick release needles. Capable of an large area attacks.

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