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Grassars are specifically forged to be lightweight, with a thickened tip. The metal is then twisted and spiraled to make it able to bend the course of its trajectory through the air mid-flight. Throwing a grassar properly increases the difficulty of the attack by two, but the light weapon difficulty decrease also applies so the overall difficulty is increased by one level. When you throw a grassar at a target it must take a round about route to said target to actually hit. This is what makes it able to avoid obstacles in a direct line of sight to the target. Used by assassins and bandits mostly, this weapon is employed in areas of thick terrain and cover. If thrown properly, the grassar ignores the defense bonuses given by cover.


3 Shin(s)
Additional Notes:
A sharpened piece of metal bent at an odd angle and then twisted. Able to be thrown around obstacles with practice. Short range.

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