Void Traveler

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Many, if not all, of the prior worlds had access to space travel. The ships left behind on Earth are exceedingly rare, and almost always in need of major repairs and replacement parts. But, when finally restored, these wonders of the numenera are the some of the most sought after pieces of technology. Capable of incredible speeds in-atmosphere, and the only way known to man that affords access to the night sky, these craft are very, very, very rarely put up for sale by a group of drit-sifters and engineers who have unearthed and repaired one. Each void traveler class ship is unique in some way, due to their various time periods and the new touches included through their repairs. A void traveler might have a laser capable of boring through astroids, duel mounted turrets for defense, or maybe even a teleportation nodule capable jumping to other locations in space. GM’s should  always try to make each of these as unique as possible.


1,000,000 Shin(s)
Very Rare
Additional Notes:
A ship capable of inter-atmospheric travel, a void traveler is one of the most expensive forms of travel in the Ninth World, but the only one capable of crossing into the void of Space.

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