You've Discovered an Oddity

Published December 23, 2013 by

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You find an object which has two circular glass pieces. On the outside of these pieces are two iron rods opposite of each other but connected to the glass pieces. (Or you can just say an old pair of glasses, whatever you like)

[Don’t tell this to the player until they put it on…]

Effect: When you put this object in front of your eyes, a perception field takes over your vision. Your vision seems to flip.

[If they keep it on and combat commences, follow example like from below]:

Example: James puts on the object and see’s an enemy approaching… he swings his sword… James knows he is swinging it with his arms to the left, but through his vision he notices it is going to the right of the enemy. The enemy attempts to strike… James notices the enemy lunging at him from the right and quickly dodges to the left… however James feels a sudden blow and falls to the ground.

I call this object the “Glasses of Gnikool”

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