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Published November 19, 2013 by in For Gamemasters, For Players

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If you’re looking to get plugged into the various online communities and sources for Numenera content, here’re a few pointers.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it gets at the bulk of the places worth visiting.


You are here.  Blog-like content, as well as hosted files and a growing database of player-created content.  Easily the best site on the entire internet.

A community site for Numenera, featuring a robust and active forum, as well as a nice chat function if you just want to hang out with fellow Ninth Worlders.

The official site for Numenera.  Includes a lot of introductory information on the game, as well as the fan use and limited license information, for those interested in creating content set in the Ninth World.

MCG’s webpage.  The news section is essentially Monte Cook’s blog, and it includes the original playtest reports on Numenera from back when it was still a gleam in Monte’s eye.

A site for Numenera and Torment news.

Social Networks

The Cypher System Community on Google+.

The Numenera Fans Community on Google+.

The Reddit community for Numenera.  The right hand column always has a lot of useful links and release dates for Numenera products.

Numenera Gaming.  Basically a Facebook group for Numenera players.

Just kidding! This doesn’t exist.

The Twitter


Bruce Cordell.  Numenera writer and creator of The Strange.


Me (Ryan Chaddock).


David Brown, creator of and the Transmissions from the Ninth World podcast.


Michael Fienen, the creator of this site.


Joseph De Simone.  My writing partner out on the east coast.


The official Twitter feed of MCG.


Monte Cook.  Creator of Numenera, etc.


Shanna Germain.  Numenera writer and editor, and co-owner of MGC.


The Twitter feed for this site.


News about Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The Twitter account for Vaux the Informed Jack who Tells Tales, and more recently Magistrix Arashia.  In character, in universe stuff.


All kinds of strange Numenera related things.  Check it out.


Transmissions from the Ninth World.  Numenera related news and talk.

Numenera: The Signal.  In-universe transmissions from Vaux the Jack.

The Ninth World Chronicles.  Actual play podcasts.

The GM Intrusions podcast- discussion on Numenera topics for the most part.

Guides and Tools

A quick video guide to character creation.

A nice character creation tool.

A random cypher generator.

A random rumor generator.  One of my favorite things!

Places to Buy Numenera Online

Monte Cook Games’ products on Drivethrurpg.

Products I’ve produced for Numenera on Drivethrurpg.

 Kickstarters for Numenera Products

The original Numenera Kickstarter.

The Numenera poster map Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter for Torment: Tides of Numenera (the Numenera video game, basically).

Mobile App

The site for both the iOS and Android app for character creation.

I’m sure I missed a few things.  Let me know what I should add in the comments and I’ll edit the post.

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6 thoughts on “Numenera Networking

  1. Darcy Ross says:

    Great! I’d recommend adding the GM Intrusions podcast to the list!

    1. Ryan Chaddock says:

      Strange, I thought I’d got that one.

  2. Matthew Wallace says:

    It looks like you may want to add http:// to the start of any URLs missing it as they are currently redirecting to a page on this site (, and the entirely legitimate links being the ones with problems).

    Maybe it’d also be good to link the original Kickstarter page too (and the ones for Torment + the poster maps?), here’s the links if you decide to add it/them:
    Numenéra: Poster Maps of the Ninth World:
    Torment: Tides of Numenéra:

    There is also the character creator for iOS and Android which can be found here:

    A direct link to Torment Guru instead of the Twitter feed would not go amiss:

    And as Darcy suggested, here is the link to the GM Intrusions podcast:

    As a whole a very nice comprehensive list that I’m sure will be very helpful!

    1. Ryan Chaddock says:


  3. Daniel McCarville says:

    The ninthworldhub appears to be down. Looks like it’s been replaced by a Malay or Indonesian website.

    1. Michael Fienen says:

      It’s moved to a new location at I’ll update the link in the article.

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