Negative Descriptors

Published December 24, 2013 by in For Players, Mechanics

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So, I’ve really been interested with and inspired by the fact that people seemed to really like the Jinxed Descriptor I came up with a while back.

Last time I checked it was the highest rated one on this site.  This is fascinating to me because by choosing an ostensibly negative Descriptor it might seem like we’re choosing not to be heroic with our characters.  And yet everybody knows that a real hero has a weakness, often one that defines who they are.  And characters with problems are the ones that seem more real.

So with that in mind I wrote up 5 more Descriptors that focus on the negative.  They all have the same amount of positive bonuses as normal, but the problems they aim to describe are that make them what they are.

Here they are: [Download not found]

2 thoughts on “Negative Descriptors

  1. Nice. I like these a lot and I’ve attempted to throw a few negative descriptors of my own into the mix in the form of Outcast and Spiteful here on The Ninth World, though in my case I opted for some more negative mechanical consequences in addition to the fluff.

    I agree, having some more ‘fluffy’ character flaws baked into your character build can really make for a far more interesting roleplaying experience and lends a certain amount of realism.

    1. Ryan Chaddock says:

      I think Outcast is a cool idea.

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