Nano Fairies

Published December 30, 2013 by in For Gamemasters, For Players, Mechanics

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Long ago there was a world full of magic.

TM and © 2013 Monte Cook Games, LLC

TM and © 2013 Monte Cook Games, LLC

An elder race ruled this world of beauty and comfort through esoteric magics and invisible servants.  But the comforts and ease of existence made the rulers of this world bored, and so they built themselves adversity by turning some of the servants in the air into capricious trouble makers.  The trickster spirits played elaborate pranks on the rulers, giving them new and creative challenges with each new day.

When the rulers, whom we now call The Faer, finally died out, their servants and prankster spirits were left behind for later worlds to use and endure.  And so, even many years later, the trickster spirits of the Faer still pull pranks and tricks on the unsuspecting people of the Ninth World.

 GM Intrusions

The following Intrusions are great for afflicting PC’s with the wrath of the Fairies:

Food Thief.  The PC awakens to find no food among their possessions.  This will continue to happen invisibly during each 10 hour rest until the character sets out some of the food on a plate overnight as an offering.  Those who are wise in the ways of the Fairies may offer advice on doing so.

Forgetfulness.  The PC forgets how to use one of their abilities (the one they use the most).  This condition lasts for 28 hours, or until they meet a Fairy Prince (A monster?  I dunno, you figure it out).

Spots and Stripes.  The PC awakens to find their skin covered in colorful patterns.  The strange skin condition lasts until the character takes a day to rest, away from all distractions and adventure.  Somehow the PC knows this is the cure.

Stumble Curse.  The PC trips and falls during their action, tripped up by unseen forces, causing them to gain no benefit from any Effort spent to succeed, and knocking them to the floor.

Fairy Magic

The Fairies represent nanotechnologies present throughout the planet.  They operate through a set of rules that may be triggered or manipulated by those knowledgeable in their workings- simple Esoteries for the wise.  These are not nearly so powerful as the Esoteries and Tricks of the Nanos and Jacks, but they can be useful or entertaining in a pinch.

Starting characters may choose to know one of the following Fairy Spells rather than starting with an Oddity.  Characters may learn new Fairy Spells from those who are wise in the ways of Fairies, usually at a cost of 30 to 40 shins each.

Activating a Fairy Spell takes an action, costs one Intellect point (discounted by Edge), and takes a Numenera skill task at Difficulty 3.

Achoo.  You cause a living target within Immediate range to sneeze.  Target must have a nose.

Dare Games.  You may challenge someone to a dare.  Should they succeed within ten minutes, you transfer one Might point from your pool into theirs.  The dare must be something fairly difficult or embarrassing.

Fairy Lights.  You cause a light to glimmer in the distance, potentially causing a distraction.

Fairy Ward.  You may counter a GM Intrusion related to the Fairies without the need for spending XP.

Fright.  Target living creature within Immediate range feels afraid and on edge for no apparent reason.

Jinx.  You cause an object used to generate random numbers, such as a die or tossed coin, to come up as the lowest possible value (one on a standard die, tails on a coin flip).  The object must be within Immediate range.  Provides an Asset on gambling rolls if used properly, but the muttering and gestures of the spell may be seen as cheating by some.

2 thoughts on “Nano Fairies

  1. Gelsamel says:

    I love trickster fairies so much. “It’s all fun and games till someone loses a limb… then it’s hilarious!”

  2. Alicenova says:

    I desperately needed this for my character.

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