Life Source : Mutation

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Create Life (X Strength) (X Speed) (X Intellect)

If any of your stat pools are reduced to zero and you took energy damage this turn the injured flesh has a chance to become a living creature. The chance is increased by how much damage you took. For each point of damage taken from a single pool there is a (cumulative) five percent chance life will be created. If you took so much damage you reduced two pools to zero you will create life.

The creature created will imprint upon you and all those obviously allied to you as a care taker. This is a physical and psychic link which also allows you to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Sense (1 Intellect): You can use one of the creatures senses.
  • Defend (1 Speed): You can request aid in battle.
  • Vampire (1 Strength): You can after twenty four hours reabsorb the creature into yourself. You regain one recovery test if able. This is a slow process and can not be done in combat.
Life Created
1-15 Thuman
16-45 Small Mammal (cat, rodent, hedgehog, mongoose)
46-85 Medium Mammal (dog, horse, ostrich, falcon)
86-99 Small Flying (hawk, drake, giant bat, bee swarm)
00 Laak
Mutation Type

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