Crystal Shard(s) : Mutation

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This mutation probably occurred from a genetic engineering experiment, and maybe your bloodline was engineered many generations ago – and the knowledge of such technology is now lost. The bottomline is: you are a organic/inorganic hybrid! It seems you’re kin to both human and Diruk, and maybe that’s the truth long forgotten, or maybe that´s a tale your family tells to explain the bloodline.

Even if your appearance is mostly human, there is at least one crystal shard growing in a visible body part (like the forehead or in the hands). This shard may look like a raw crystal, or like a polished geometrically designed one. The material and color of the crystals vary from individuals, as occurs with the Diruk people, or may be the same in a family bloodline.

This mutation gives exclusively one of the following benefits:

  1. If the inorganic material that grows is expensive (like diamonds) it may be extracted and sold monthly. The size of the crystal increases as you become stronger, so, the material may be sold for at least 100 shins x your Tier.
  2. Otherwise, you may willingly cause an intense growth of the crystal and form a weapon as an Action with a cost in your Might Pool (2, 4 or 6 if it is a light, medium or large weapon). After the combat you may reabsorb the weapon and recover your Might points or the weapon shatters in dust after a few minutes.
  3. Or, you may willingly cause an intense growth of the crystal, throwing shards at short range as an atack at the cost of (1 Might) and causing 4 points of damage against one foe.

Also, you may believe this is the root or all your other mutations and powers.

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