Benevolent/Malfeasant Mole : Mutation

Published December 30, 2013 by

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You have a mole.  It has been there as long as you can remember.  So have the 28 hour mood swings.   You may or may not realize that they are caused by the malfunctioning bit of alien wetware living on your supple flesh… either way, it’s here (or there) to stay – as something deeply implanted into your brain insists that removing it would be a very bad idea. Good Morning!

1d20 upon waking up.  (no effort can be used on this roll)

1 Wrong side of the bed :  EVERYTHING is one step harder ALL DAY.
2-7 Chaos Reigns : +2 damage all day.  Asset to Deceiving, Smashing, Intimidation.
8-13 Good in the Hood :  Asset to Carrying, Perception, Philosophy.
14-19 Peace Man! :  -2 damage all day.  Asset to Healing, Balancing, Initiative.
20 Master of My Domain :  Everything is one step easier all day.
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