MCG Announces Into the Ninth World Kickstarter

Published August 5, 2015 by in Site News

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At Gen Con this year, Monte Cook Games recently announced that they would be running a Kickstarter to fund the production of their next run of Numenera books – the Into the Ninth World series. This is a series poised to offer GMs and players a lot more in the way of options for settings and stages for campaigns and adventures, plus, I’m sure, a lot more in the way of cyphers, artifacts, and creatures unique to those areas.

Well, today was that day, and in less than an hour, the campaign fully funded (as if there was any question, really). So starting later this year, we’re going to be getting at least three new, exciting books detailing the Ninth World well outside the scope of the corebook or the Ninth World Guidebook. Here’s a bit of commentary from the Kickstarter page on what to expect, if you’re thinking about backing the project.

So we started work on Into the Night, a sourcebook that allows characters to explore the moon, Mars, and much, much farther beyond that. Here and there over the past year, we’ve let slip hints that this was the next big book for Numenera.

But then we got thinking — what if we kept going? After all, the sea—particularly under the sea—is as uncharted, as exciting, and as alien a place as another planet. We began talking about multiple “Into the Ninth World” themed books, with the next one being called Into the Deep. And beyond that, an exploration of the other dimensions unlocked by the previous worlds: Into the Outside.

It seems entirely plausible that these will be just the first three of potentially many more books that will provide a nice supplement to the Ninth World Guidebook. If you’re interested in the full spread of initial books, it’ll run you $130, which for the moment gets you three books and an artifact deck. $150 adds in all the PDFs too. There are also plenty of options to pledge in a more a la carte fashion, if you don’t want everything.

Plenty of people are also already sharing their backing experience, and encouraging others to take part. We hope you’ll all get involved, as Numenera and the Ninth World becomes even bigger and broader than we ever could have hoped!

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