The Revenant Field

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At the bottom of the Voil Chasm lies the site of a battle that took place long before the dawn of the Ninth World. To an observer the area appears to consist of weather-beaten slivers of synth and scattered piles of broken machinery, other than the slight smell of ozone nothing would seem out of place until you venture too close.

Hapless travelers unfortunate enough to enter the field find themselves suddenly trapped in a battle between what appear to be an army of unknown visitants an a group of humans armed with what appear to be advanced numenera weapons and armor. The conflict goes on for about three Ninth World days and is ended abruptly by a blinding flash of light that is accompanied by a searing wave of intense heat. Individuals who manage to survive up until the end of the battle will find themselves regaining consciousness at the point that they entered the battlefield on the previous day. There is no telling what causes this effect, or if there’s any escape from the ancient battlefield.


The Steadfast

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