Quaver Cleft

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The Tremble Pass is not merely an affectation – though the journey to the beyond is a feat worth experiencing a taste of fear, there is something truly worth nightmares standing in the path of all who travel it.

Quaver Cleft is a line, cut into stone. It allows passage through a particularly hazardous section of the pass, the terrain of which is home to razor sharp shale that hides deadly and poisonous insects. The Cleft is free of these hazards, though it is ominous in it’s own way, a line of sky much thinner than the 10 meter wide path framing the smooth, triangular passage in a manner that causes most that are aware of the Cleft’s properties to grow claustrophobic.

The Cleft is safe. But when travelers enter, they die. Or at least, a fraction do, feeling the weight of the walls press in on them and crush their bones into dust. A traveler never knows whether or not they will be subject to this experience, but one thing is clear: No matter what, the travelers wake up again as if nothing happened, always on the far side of the Cleft closest to their destination.

There are no physical wounds, only psychological, and even equipment is left perfectly intact, despite vivid memories on the part of the victims of being crushed alive.


Quaver Cleft Hearsay:

There is a woman who frequents the Tremble Pass that has never been “killed” while traversing the Quaver Cleft. Some call her lucky, most call her a Witch, in touch with whatever entity or force chooses the Cleft’s victims.

The Weird of Quaver Cleft:

Those who travel the Quaver Cleft know this effect to be the real thing, and not an illusion. There are bloodstains wherever a victim once lay, and if a group is travelling together, they all ‘die’, not just a singular individual.

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