Lok’s Domain

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Lok’s Domain is a collection of about 16 tents huddled around a larger tent in the center of the pack.  The location is hidden among the mountains and unless the characters are flying somehow, they will need to be given directions.  A mountain stream runs near the settlement and seems to be where the villagers get their water.  Some livestock can be seen but the village mostly trades with other nearby areas, sending out regular supply runs.

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The Beyond
Lok’s Domain Hearsay:


The only reason anyone knows about the settlement is the fact that missionaries regularly visit nearby villages giving speeches and spreading good news about the religion the village follows.


Reports from people who have gone to the settlement and come back don’t match up with the funds the settlement seems to have.  For what is a pretty plain piece of terrain, the supply parties always have plenty of shin to buy from local merchants.  There are rumors there is a shin mine.


Any towns where the religion has been shared never seems to have any bad things to say about the religion.  Grafitti making fun of the individual members or principles gets cleaned immediately.  Posters are ripped down.  Signs destroyed.

The Weird of Lok’s Domain:

The Good

The Religion the people follow boils down to a few tenets, called the Pages.

Page 1.  Higher power means higher responsibility.  It is our God’s job to worry about the working of the universe, not ours.

Page 2.  People should chose to follow, never be forced.

Page 3.  Any who desecrate our God will be shown the utmost mercy.

Page 4.  Our God must not be pestered by the little problems of mortals.  We only go to our God when in dire need.

So, despite being a bit purposefully ignorant, on paper, they don’t seem so bad.

The Bad

There have been reports by distraught family members that their son/aunt/or nephew went to the camp and has not been seen since.  Upon a visit to the camp, they could not find their family member and people of the settlement referred to them as heathens and blasphemers once they found out who they were related to.

The Holy

Inside of Lok’s tent, in a locked box, is the Tome.  The Tome is the God on earth for the settlement.  Upon coming into contact, roll a 1d1000 and pick from the list I’ve provided.  To initiate into the religion, one must face the tome’s judgement.  Any roll can be ignored if one of the sacrificial victims are killed with a special dagger Lok carries.  This is the fate of those the book deems unworthy.  (Anyone who gets a Bad effect)

If anyone tries to open and read the book, have them roll a level 5 intellect roll or take 3 points of intellect damage and a book effect.  If they succeed the roll, they may roll 2 more book effects and pick from the 3 total.

This was originally made for a DnD campaign but I’d love to port it over to numenera

Points of Interest:

Simian’s Tent

Simian is a young, handsome, intelligent man who will appear to walk with more confidence and stride than the other villagers, though wearing the same plain brown robe garb.

Simian, upon meeting the PC’s and warming up to one of them (Level 4 Intellect roll) will tell them his plan.  He thinks that the Tome is really just a powerful piece of technology and is going undercover in an attempt to steal it.

Lok’s Tent

Other than housing the Tome, this tent houses Lok, an interesting character in his own right.  Lok is a short, hairy, fat man who is beloved by all in the tent.  He has a corny sense of humor and is currently looking for a new champion of the faith.  He will offer the “toughest” looking player in the group a spot as the hammer of their god.  If the player accepts, this is a chance to do some sidequests.

The Hum

In the sides of one of the mountains nearby, where the book was found, is a small cave that leads to a fifteen foot tall blue and silver door that hums loudly.  The only one to ever open it, Lok, does not speak of it to anyone and will get violent if pressed on the subject too hard.

3 thoughts on “Lok’s Domain

  1. ThomasJefferson says:

    I have contacted the people on the site and will have the word file with the book’s effects uploaded as soon as possible.

    1. Many of those effects are D&D-specific (action points, Dwarves, Consitution score changes, liches, etc) though I guess it’s the GM’s prerogative to fit it to the setting as appropriate.

      From a Numenera perspective, I guess the book is some kind of quantum reality rewriting artifact that has become somewhat unstable and random.

      1. ThomasJefferson says:

        Unfortunately most of it is D&D specific, but it’s too fun to not use. Some of the effects have made campaigns for my groups.

        I like the artifact idea.

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