Fountain of Youth

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Located deep in the heart of the Ba-Adenu Forest lie the remains of an ancient, massive construction. The entire complex spans nearly 80,000 acres in some of the densest forest that The Beyond has to offer. The complex itself is divided into four distinct quadrants, meeting in the middle at a huge plaza, crowned with what appears to be an ancient fountain.

The quadrants contain numerous ruins of structures and constructs that have long since given in to the powers of weather and earth. Though no discernible technology exists anywhere in the ruins, many of the materials appear to be artificial in nature. Each quadrant shows the remnants of complex aqueducts that fed the entire area, some running at ground level, and others long collapsed whose pillars still stand nearly 100 feet in the air in some places.

It’s easy to tell by walking through the ruins that this was once a beautiful city of some kind that could have been home to nearly 1,000 people. Despite this, there are no signs or remains of whomever lived here, nor any artifacts one would expect to be cast off from a civilization in its decline (cookware, furniture, jewelry, etc).

Despite it’s apparently abandoned nature, the ruins are far from quiet. There is still a power source active somewhere in the ruins running a pump station, and the deep forest is home to many very dangerous animals and automatons alike. The site itself also still has an unknown power over those who visit it, leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated feeling. There may yet be much more still remaining to be found, some good, but some potentially with great cost.


The Beyond
Fountain of Youth Hearsay:


Residents in report stories of small groups of robed travelers that stop in town every few years to equip themselves for a journey deep into the forest. No one has ever seen any of them return, but the groups usually procure large amounts of water-related gear before leaving.

Antor Lefostern:

Antor is a ranger for hire that keeps camp at the edge of the Ba-Adenu Forest. He has been known to tell stories of traveling to the fountain, and may know the way there.


It’s long been said that the site cannot be found because of ancient, forest dwelling creatures or machines that exist solely to protect the location from intruders. If they do exist, no one has ever lived to tell the tale, building on the legend.

The Weird of Fountain of Youth:

Dry as a Bone:

Despite its name, no water runs freely anywhere in the complex – at least any more – aside from the natural moisture of the dense forest. The surfaces of all of the constructions in the complex also appear to be extremely hydrophobic in nature. Whether it’s something synthetic in the material or something naturally occurring isn’t clear.

The Pumps:

Occasionally, sounds can be heard coming from within the Pumphouse, along with what sounds like running water. Where the liquid is coming from or going to, however, isn’t apparent. It does, however, appear to happen on a set cycle.

Not Alone:

While the complex appears to be long abandoned, and the trek to find it is difficult, there are signs that people have been here recently. Moved items, footprints, and other traces are there to be found. Perhaps more disturbing are the occasional sounds of children’s laughter that will echo through the ruins. Anyone lucky enough to find the Fountain constantly gets the distinct feeling of being watched.

Points of Interest:

The Fountain:

At the approximate center of the ruins is a giant fountain. The structure is largely intact, and stands nearly 30 feet in height – though it is largely overgrown now. No water flows from the fountain any longer, though after a good rain the surrounding wading pool will still hold some water. The top is an intricate pattern of intertwined circles set atop a vast pillar.

The Pumphouse:

In the southeastern quadrant of the complex lies a building that seems to be nearly perfectly intact. Along one side, two large, tube-like pieces come out the side and go down into the earth. The building itself appears to have no doors or windows. Around the crown of the building, some kind of language appears to be etched into the surface, though it has no known analog with which to compare it to.

The Church:

In the southwestern quadrant are the remains of what appears to be the largest single structure of the entire complex. The remains indicate several structures nested inside of each other, with one end completely open towards the interior of the complex. Its purpose isn’t immediately evident, but inside the interior chambers are the remnants of statuary and their bases, pools, and possibly seating spaces.

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