Arch Disae

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Vine-like white stone upholds this graceful, glass-covered alcove. The town’s architecture looks like plants made of stone.  There are many flower-shaped roofs and plant-like structures, including  plant-like street lamps and flower beds.  You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something seems out of place.


The Sleeping-Deity-Empress, Her Radiance i'Saeni
Typically 700 (Arch Disaens are mostly hidden, but shopkeepers and visitors are tolerated)
The Beyond
Arch Disae Hearsay:

Hibernation:  Recently, and mostly in the winter, a toxic bubble will form around a small town.  These bubbles cause everything in them to temporarily die out. All of the plants will whither away and a white, wet dust will cover the entire region, creating the illusion of a snow-covered land that can be seen through the transparency of the bubble. Residents in these newly afflicted areas evacuate to the larger city before the bubble encloses them in. This lasts until the spring, when the bubble pops and the region comes back to life; the white dust blows away.

Flower Beds: There have been rumors of the carnivorous plant that lives in the forests around Arch Disae increasing in population. These plants can move themselves and disguise as harmless flower-beds, waiting for the opportunity to engulf human-sized prey.

Tongue: There have been stories of residents seeing birds snatched out of the sky by a very long tongue that appears from the outskirt forest and disappears as quick as the birds do out of the sky.

The Weird of Arch Disae:

Long live the Queen: Former Queen Celia, who is the grandmother of Her Radiance the Empress, is the mountain that Arch Disae is nested in.

Harbinger: An old woman walks near the edge of the Greenpools, telling anyone who will listen that something will rise out of the pools and devour entire regions.

The hole that never was: There is a small crevice between rocks near the top of the mountains. Any object that is left within the small crevice between rocks overnight will disappear and whoever placed it there will forget that she did so.

One with nature: There is an ancient pod left over from a previous era. When a person is locked into pod, they are temporarily disintegrated and released as wind into the sky around Arch Disae. In this state, they are conscious and may feel euphoric and free. While not having control over where they go, they may float with the wind around the mountain. This effect lasts for about 10 minutes until they are magnetized back to the pod.

Points of Interest:

The Remaker: An aesthetic doctor lives in the town of Arch Disae. This doctor may, for a price, redesign facial and body features to look more appealing.

The Fleet of Flowers: Arch Disaes merchant fleet is a series of fishing-boat-sized flowers that are carried by the wind.  The flowers are large enough for merchants to make beds and store goods inside to be traded. The Flowers are carried by the seasonal wind to and from Arch Disae with merchants that ride them.

Glaze: Deep in the center of Arch Disae, nested inside the Mountain of Celia, past the stained glass market streets that lie at the top of the city. Arch Disae is deeper than it looks from the top. The palace of Her Radiance, the Empress, looks like a relatively small house compared to other palaces; underneath it is where the mystery is.

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