Kingdoms of the Steadfast

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map of the Steadfast

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The following is an overview of the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast.  I find it difficult, still learning the geography of Numenera, to flip back and forth in the book to figure out what nation is where and what’s going on there.  This can be especially troublesome when meeting to decide where a new game is going to take place, or during long term travel.  So, here’s my solution: summaries of the nations.  Hope you find them useful.

The following list is in the same order as the book, running north to south, back and forth on the way down.


Capital: Charmonde.  Ruler:  Queen Armalu.  Population: 1.5 million.  Large, wealthy nation bordering on the Cloudcrystal Skyfields of the Beyond.  Known for farmers and herders.  Contains the Westwood, a massive forest.  Contains the Amber Monolith, an important location to the Order of Truth.

Sea Kingdom of Ghan

Pronounced like “gone”.  Capital: The City of Bridges.  Ruler:  King Laird.   Population:  1 million.  A peaceful, trading nation known for its seafaring and large herd animals.  The female-dominated merchant fleet of Ghan is controlled by the king himself.


Capital: Qi.  Ruler:  Council of Spheres.  Population: 2.5 million.  The wealthiest and most populous nation in the Steadfast.  Ruled by a council of wealthy plutocrats.  A major military power with a force that rivals that of Navarene.  Its capital, Qi, is the home of the Order of Truth.


Capital: Auspar.  Ruler:  Holiva the First.  Population: 900,000.  Two generations ago the small kingdom of Thaemor was fought over by Navarene, Draolis, and Malevich, but now it is a bit of a joke.  Small but fertile land with hard working people, ruled by a seemingly insane leader.  Northern Thaemor experiences more “glimmers” of the past than most other places in the Steadfast.


Capital: Thiest.  Ruler: King Yorvic (Regent Ellabon).  Population: 1.2 million.  Recently ruled by several warlords, Malevich is somewhat quieter now, as the current king is only three years old.  The nation borders a massive gash in the earth called The Void Chasm.


Capital: Mulen.  Ruler: King Noren ti Kalloban.  Population:  1 million.  In the grip of courtly intrigue bordering on civil war, the nation is tearing itself apart.  The king only recently survived an assassination attempt.  The people are largely farmers, fishers, and hunters.  A previous ruler put many resources towards experimenting with dreams to attempt mind control.

Pytharon Empire

Capital: Rarmon.  Ruler:  Challadien III.  Population:  2 million.  Once a much larger nation, the empire collapsed about a hundred years ago.  The last ruler, the aunt of the current one, reestablished imperial rule in the name of protection.  The nation has a breadbasket of wheat, beans, and corn, great for feeding armies.


Capital:  Orrila.  Ruler:  The Milave Council.  Population: 900,000.  Once a part of the Pytharon Empire, now a confederation of small noble states and republics.  Most people are farmers of food and a mild drug called ghianche.


Capital:  Glavis.  Ruler:  King Asour-Mantir.  Population:  1.5 million.  A large, fertile nation plagued by pirates and bandits.  The people are largely independent, relying on the king for very little.  Contains Scorpion’s Reach, a dangerous, Numenera-filled peninsula.

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