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Published September 22, 2013 by in Site News

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If you’re here, it’s probably because you saw my post asking for help with input about what would be helpful in a Numenera community site. So, cool, thanks for stopping by. That said, there’s very little to see here at the moment, because I’m testing tons of crap and working on, well, everything. Nothing you see here is representative of what might be here in the end.

But, if you’d like to talk about what is or will be going on here, or would like to lend a hand (especially if you’re a WordPress/BuddyPress guy), the fastest way is to contribute to our Google Doc or give me a yell on Twitter. I’ll eventually toss a contact form on here too. Sometime. Hey look, a contact page.

Latest Updates

  • 12.09.25
    • Updated organization of Artifact and Encounter pages
    • Main download page is now responsive
    • Random Artifact functionality added
  • 12.09.24
    • Improvements to the homepage, added some quick-access widgets
    • Encounters are now live.
    • Download detail pages are now responsive.
  • 12.09.22
    • Lots more template work still happening. Most everything in the menu should be in a usable state of some kind though, now.
    • Menu reflects permissions (you have an account and be logged in to submit content from the front end)
    • Oddity page now features a “Random Oddity” button
    • Sharing toolbar added to most things
    • Commenting system improved
    • Cleared out some of the test content
    • Major update to the Google Doc – now has a section for “what’s in the works” as well as a spot for specific feature requests
  • 12.09.21
    • Lots of template working happening. Expect stuff in certain areas to possibly be broken, or at least “unpleasant”, until I finish up all the various specific template layouts for different items.
    • Mutations framework set up in the back end
  • 13.09.19
    • Got downloads sections working nice and seeded with some files (again, thanks to Ryan Chaddock)
  • 13.09.18
    • Loaded out data for the first 200 actual Oddities in the system (courtesy of Ryan Caddock)
    • Built out the structures for Equipment
    • Put authentication in front of content submissions
    • Set up the contact page
  • 13.09.17
    • Added a page for the living sourcebook under Resources (nothing there yet, just representative of the ultimate goal there)
    • Basic Cypher detail page working
    • Archive pages for cyphers and artifacts created
    • Structure added to the submission pages, along with submission forms for cyphers and artifacts
    • Added the Descriptors section complete with Ryan Chaddock’s content from his More Descriptors document
  • 13.09.16
    • Using Oddities as a simple starting point, have the basic functionality in place for listing, viewing, and submitting them. Obviously not done yet by any stretch, but the basic foundation seems sound enough to extend out to artifacts and cyphers next.
    • Added in a couple filler posts to test out the article structure. I don’t think that in and of itself will require much, and it’ll “just work.”
    • I do have the structures set up for artifacts and cyphers already, just not exposed yet.
    • Still playing with options for downloads. Some different options here, and the one I like the most functionally isn’t panning out visually (yet).
    • There is some voting functionality added that you’ll see on the oddities items (on the single pages right now). This would make for the basis of what ends up “published” in the sourcebook, with the thinking being that voting would probably be disabled if that occurs (so you don’t keep voting items that are already in)

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