Is Wreathed in the Silver Mantle

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Your body is covered in a second skin of gleaming alloy that flows like water according to your will, known as a “silver mantle.”  Perhaps you received this gift as a child, the only cure for a deadly skin disease.  Perhaps you stole it from the corpse of another being that had it.  Perhaps you are one of the famous “silver orphans,” wandering the Ninth World in search of something you cannot fully explain.  But, however you received it, this silver mantle is a potent tool, protector, and weapon.

You either display your metallic features proudly, leaving your metallic face and hands exposed, or secret them away behind mask, hood, and concealing clothing.  Perhaps you have a few trinkets, formed from your bodily metals and hardened to permanency.

This focus can appeal to any character.


GM Intrusion: Sudden magnetic pulses or bursts of intense cold may disrupt your metallic coating, causing crippling pain. Attacks, random or precisely-aimed, may strike exposed sensory organs, like your eyes and mouth.

  1. Pick one other PC. This PC has met and befriended silver orphans in the past, and is becoming convinced that you stole this mantle after murdering one. You may choose whether or not he or she is correct.
  2. Pick two other PCs. Something in your mantle “likes” them. Once per day, if they permit it, the mantle will roll over any physical injuries they possess and restore one point to their Might or Speed Pools. However, the sensation is uncomfortably intimate for both of you.
  3. Pick one other PC. Your shiny body is troublesome to their sensitive eyes. While you are fighting in bright light, they suffer a -1 penalty to any attack rolls made against any foes in immediate range of you, unless they close their eyes first.
  4. Pick one other PC. You’ve noticed that they know something about your mantle that makes them uncomfortable, but they’re very tight-lipped about it. The reason why is up to them.
Esotery Effects:

Esoteries you perform create ribbons of shimmering liquid metal, that forms into spears, hands, or other constructs.  You may choose whether appropriate abilities deal piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage when you use them.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The metal spike impaling the foe digs into a nearby object and pins them, decreasing its speed defense by one step until it pulls free.
Major Effect Suggestions:
A slip of liquid metal stays in the wound, digging inwards and dealing an additional 2 points of damage each round, ignoring armor, until the creature uses an action or two to dig it out.
Tier 1:

Steel Skin: Your metal skin resists injury. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler.

Expanded Senses: The alloy coating your flesh feeds additional information to your brain. You are trained in perceiving. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Form Weapon (1 Might Point): You may spend your action to create one weapon of any type in your hand, provided you are proficient in that type of weapon.  If you create a heavy weapon, you lose one point of armor until you dismiss it.  A ranged weapon fires projectiles made of silvery metal that liquefy and return to you over the next two rounds.  While you are wielding this weapon, it deals one additional point of damage.  Others can use these weapons but don’t get the bonus.  If you lose these weapons and they can’t return to you in an hour, you can’t use this ability again for another twenty-eight hours.  If you lose a heavy weapon in this way, you only regain the lost point of armor when you regain the use of this ability.

Tier 3:


Tier 4:


Tier 5:


Tier 6:


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