Wields the Power of the Ocean

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From a young age you were fascinated with water. It’s ability to give life, or to take it away. Over time you began to imitate water: your movements became smooth but powerful and your body became adaptable, almost formless. You can flow like a stream or you can crash like a wave. This eventually evolved into a control over water itself.

You probably don’t wear much clothing. What little clothing you do wear is probably a deep blue, maybe even black.

Most who carry the strength of the sea are Glaives, though occasionally you’ll find a Nano who uses these powers.


GM Intrusion: There are many people and things that don't like to get wet, and usually there is a good reason.


Pick one other PC. That PC has a disdain for water and swimming, perhaps due to their implants or a childhood trauma. They either fear or hate you for your connection to the sea.

Additional Equipment:

You have a Rebreather, a device that allows you to remain underwater or in toxic environments for much longer than usual.

Esotery Effects:

If you perform esoteries those that would normally use force instead use water. For example, force blasts from Onslaught are now streams of water.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The target slips on water and falls to the ground.
Major Effect Suggestions:
The target becomes soaking wet, increasing all Speed actions by one step of difficulty due to the increased weight.
Tier 1:

Waters of Life (2 Intellect points): You control water, the very essence of life. You touch yourself or another living being and drain them of 2 Strength, 2 Speed, or 1 of each and then transfer these points to either yourself or another person (touch required). Action to initiate.

Wave Maker (1 Intellect point): You can exert force on liquids within short range. Once activated, your power has an effective Might Pool of 10, a Might Edge of 1, and an Effort of 2 (approximately equal to the strength of a fit, capable, adult human), and you interact with the water as if you were wielding a large invisible hand. For example, you could cup the hand and lift the water into the air, or splash the water, or even create waves. The power lasts for one hour or until its Might Pool is depleted—whichever comes first. Action.

Tier 2:

Speed of a River: You gain +3 to your Speed Pool and +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.

Be Like Water: You adapt to whatever situation you’re in. You gain +1 armor and average environmental effects (heat, cold, storms, etc.) no longer affect you.

Tier 3:

Strength of a Typhoon: You gain +3 to your Might Pool and +1 to your Might Edge. Enabler.

Wave Strider: You can now move through liquids as easily as you walk on land. You can also walk on top of liquids as if they were solids. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Wave Rider (4 Intellect points): You can summon and ride a wave (even on land). The wave moves at twice your normal speed, can carry others, and lasts for an hour Action.

Tier 5:

Water Tentacles (5 Intellect points): When you wish, you take on the form of an octopus or squid, sprouting 4 tendrils of water that last up to ten minutes. As an action you can use the tendrils to attack, making a separate attack roll for each. Each tendril inflicts 4 points of damage. Otherwise, the attacks function as standard attacks. If you don’t use the tendrils to attack, they remain but do nothing.

Tier 6:

Hurricane Herald (7 Intellect points): You summon a hurricane up to 2,500 square feet (230 sq. m) in size. The hurricane increases the difficulty of all Might and Speed actions by one step, and causes 1 damage to everyone but you every minute. Lasts for one hour. Action to create.

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