Wields Exotic Weaponry

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Swords, axes, bows and shields – the stock and trade of glaives, bandits and other warriors the world over. You forgo such crude implements in favor of a more elegant and exotic form. Your style of fighting revolves around a weapon that is unique in a place even as complex and strange as the Ninth World. This weapon can take any form, but in the end you have learned how to utilize it in surprising ways. Unleashing hidden mechanisms, tapping into the intricacies of its design, these are all a part of how you wield your exotic weapon(s).



GM Intrusion: Your exotic weaponry is tangled up/disabled and removed from your control for 1d6 rounds.


1. Pick on other PC. This PC has in depth knowledge of how your exotic weapon functions. The PC is trained with all interactions with your exotic weaponry.
2. Pick one other PC. This PC knows just the right spot to tap to disable your exotic weaponry.
3. Pick one other PC. This PC has seen you fight before and has an asset in defending from, or adding to your attacks.
4. Pick two other PC’s. These PCs don’t understand the intricacies of your fighting style and can sometimes be a nuisance in combat. You occasionally hit them instead, or they make your attacks one step more difficult as you try to avoid hitting them.

Additional Equipment:

You possess a unique and exotic weapon(s) that will aid you in your adventures. This piece of equipment has a special ability and form that you and the GM should discuss prior to character creation. Below is a list suggestions:

-A synth and metal puppet, controlled by psychic strings of energy.
-An exo-skeleton that extends the natural movement of your body.
-A scroll of pliable metal that unleashes powerful attacks.
-A cube of unknown material that rearranges itself to serve your needs.
-A bottle of (seemingly) endless pills that empower you to new heights.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You wield your weapon proficiently enough to roll a second time for initiative (if you wish).
Major Effect Suggestions:
Surprising your foes, a hidden mechanism opens and allows you to duplicate the action you just took.
Tier 1:

Exotic Fighter (1 Intellect points):

Your weaponry can be used in surprising ways that no one else is quite prepared for. Using unorthodox attacks and maneuvers with your weaponry, you are able to bring down the difficulty level of an attack by one step. Action.


You have spent enough time and thought working with your weapon that you are trained with all interactions with it. This includes making attacks, repairs and even crafting new parts onto it. Enabler.


Tier 2:

Hidden Mechanism (2 Intellect points): 

You activate a secret mechanism in your exotic weapon that is capable of dealing 4 points of ambient damage. The mechanism usually has a pre-defined type of damage; such as sonic, heat, or poison. Action.

Tier 3:

Manipulation (3 Intellect points):

Through some discrete tinkering, you can enhance one of the abilities of your exotic weapon to perform at a higher level. This can only affect one aspect of your weapon at any one time. You could grant it an extra point of damage, or grant an asset towards defense, but can never enhance more than a single aspect. GM approval may be require in some cases. Action to initiate.

Tier 4:

Greater Familiarity:

You have spent even more time and thought working with your weapon. You are specialized with all interactions with it. This includes making attacks, repairs and even crafting new parts onto it. Enabler.


You have learned to extend the reach of exotic weapon. Your exotic weapon can no function out to the next range increment. Immediate to Short, Short to Long, Long to 200ft, 200ft to 500ft, 500ft to 1000ft. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Seize the Advantage (5 Speed points):

Using a special property that only your weapon possess you are able to create some kind of beneficial situation that enables you to re-roll a single dice roll made during the current round. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Signature Move (8 Speed/Intellect):

Your experience with your exotic weapon is such that you have developed the perfect move/device to devastate your foes. Once the signature move is chosen, the choice is permanent. Action.

This attack is capable of dealing one of the following:

  • 8 points of ambient damage projected up to the next range increment.
  • Utterly ensnaring a target, making it impossible for it to move.
  • Erecting a level 6 barrier to protect the user.
  • A normal attack made a 5 levels easier.

One thought on “Wields Exotic Weaponry

  1. Rafail Zlatarov says:

    Really really like the concept of this one, but mechanically it looks slightly overpowered. I mean, even as a first tier character you can already reduce the DC of every attack by 2 difficulties (asset with the weapon and Familiarity makes you trained in attacking with it). P.S. I’m also pretty sure Exotic Fighter should be an Enabler, because it being an action means you can’t attack in the same turn.

    Also the Tier 2 ability could be misunderstood. It being an action, I guess you can not attack AND use the ability at the same time? If you can do both in one turn it’d be slightly OPas well, when compared to abilities from other foci in the books (Flameblade is a T4 ability of Bears a Halo Of Fire and it gives 2 bonus damage as an enabler, therefore dealing +4 ambient bonus damage on T2 could be considered unbalanced)

    Other Tiers seem more or less OK at firstglance, but I would suggest looking through the corebook and char options of both Cypher Systems (Numenera and The Strange) to figure out if they need balancing or not.
    TL DR: very cool concept, has a potential of being one of my favorite foci, if balanced properly.

    Cheers and good luck!

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