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Using numenera is common; controlling numenera is extraordinary. Through your travels, you have discovered that certain objects will bend to your will, specifically crystals. From the Cloudcrystal Skyfields to elsewhere, the power of crystals is recognized, but it is often misunderstood.  You are able to see past the inert minerals and into the true nature of crystals as numenera powerhouses, able to both power numenera and unleash their energies on your enemies.  Crystals from previous worlds call to you, and you answer. You most likely wear reflective or white garments to hide the cloud of crystalline dust which constantly surrounds you.

Nanos are most likely to have an affinity for numenera crystals; however, Jacks and Glaives can find benefits in their powers.



Pick one other PC. This PC appears to have a magnetic pull on your crystals, and they will occasionally orbit around that character instead of you. You secretly suspect this character seeks to steal your crystals permanently. Whether the PC knows this or not is up to you.

Additional Equipment:

You have a single shard of crystal of at least one foot in length, but no larger than two. This crystal floats about you as if by its own power, but you can command it easily. This shard powers your abilities, but crystals tend to gravitate toward you. If this crystal is destroyed, you are able to find another during your journey within 1d6+1 days.

All of the following abilities require a crystal of the size listed above.

Esotery Effects:

All your esoteries are made through the use of your crystals. For example the Onslaught esotery is a burst of prismatic energy from your crystals.  If you lack a crystal, you can still access your abilities through fine crystal dust which floats around you, but you take a +1 penalty to all associated rolls and your esoteries cost 1 more.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your crystal channels extra energy into your attack through a prismatic burst, shocking your enemy's nervous system and rendering them less able to defend against the next attack.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your crystal discharges more energy than would normally be possible and render your enemy unconscious for 1 round.
Tier 1:

Discharge (1 Intellect point):  Your crystal glows with unnatural light before releasing a directed burst of energy at a target within Short distance for 3 points of damage.  Alternatively, you can command this crystal to fly at the target with enough speed to do 2 points of damage; however, if this is your only crystal, then you are left at a disadvantage until you retrieve it.  Action.

Charge (1+ Intellect points):  You can charge an artifact or other device (including a cypher) to full functionality; however, this renders your crystal shard permanently inactive.  The cost is 1 Intellect plus 1 points per level of the device.  Action.

Crystal Sense. You are able to sense a crystal which is compatible with your abilities within one mile.  If you sense such a crystal, you know only the direction it lies in and when you have arrived to its approximate location.  Enabler.

Tier 2:

Crystalline Shield (2+ Intellect points): When you are physically threatened, your crystals can form a shield of energy to protect you. These defenses grant you 2 points of armor for 10 minutes. If you spend a level of Effort at the activation of this power the drit also grants 1 point of additional armor per point invested. Action to initiate.

Tier 3:

Crystal Compatibility: Your body is now open to the energy held within your crystals. In addition to regaining points through normal recovery rolls, you regain 1 point of your Might Pool or Speed Pool every two hours, regardless of whether you rest, until both Pools are at their maximum. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Improved Discharge (3 Intellect points):  Your crystal glows with a blinding, unnatural light before releasing an intense burst of energy at a target within Long distance for 5 points of damage.  Alternatively, you can command this crystal to fly at the target with enough speed to do 4 points of damage; however, if this is your only crystal, then you are left at a disadvantage until you retrieve it.  Action.

Ride the Crystal Cloud (4 Intellect points): By manipulating the cloud of crystalline dust which constantly surrounds you, you are able to fly for 10 minutes.  This only affects you and your equipment.  Action.

Tier 5:

Detonation (5+ Intellect points). One of your crystals bursts in an explosion of energy and razor sharp slivers in all directions, up to short range.  All within the burst take 3 points of damage which ignores armor.  If you apply Effort to increase the damage rather than to decrease the difficulty, you deal 1 additional point of damage per level of Effort (instead of 3 points); however, targets in the area take 1 point of damage even if you fail the attack roll.  Action.

Tier 6:

Crystal Wrath (8 Intellect points): You can target any object, or creature within Short range and discharge each of your crystals’ energies on them in a single burst.  If successful, this attack immediately destroys the creature or object targeted; however, it render 1d6+3 of your crystals inert as a result.  Action.

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