Who Sees in the Future

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The character is able to foresee certain events, having images of things that never were “flash” in front of his eyes now and then.


GM Intrusion: You have seen your own failure, loosing faith in your abilities: you loose all trainings for the next ten minutes.

  1. This character does not believe you can see the future.
  2. You think this character is unworthy of knowing your predictions.
  3. You seem unable to see into his future.
Additional Equipment:

You start the game with a mechanical watch of extreme complexity and beauty (classified as an oddity).

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You have seen what's to come: you have an advantage in your next action.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You have seen the future: you can state a minor event that the gm is forced to play out (sooner or later)
Tier 1:

Foreshadowing: You are trained in initiative and perception. You never suffer penalties due to an ambush or similar “unexpected” situations, for you, in fact, expected them.

Tier 2:

Learning From Your Mistakes: Your last action was, in fact, just a vision you had about a possible future. Whenever you expend 1 XP to reroll a die, lower the difficulty of the roll by one. This effect can stack with itself.

Tier 3:

Intuition: You are trained in Speed defense tasks. If there is a trap or an ambush waiting for you within short range the GM must tell you to roll a perception check in order to spot it.

Tier 4:

Head or Tails: When the character is faced with a random event (a coin toss, a game of cards, a random cypher effect) he always knows the result before that event. He is also trained in all games involving luck or random chance.

Tier 5:

Eternal Déjà vu (4 Intellect Points): The character declares his next action. the GM must then descrive a “vision” the character has regarding that action and it’s consequences. The “vision” is as vague as the GM thinks it should be, but always true.

Tier 6:

Fatebound (6 Intellect Points): The character is free to ask the GM any question regarding the next 24 that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. the GM then tells the player the one and only truth. That Truth cannot be changed in any way, for it is now a choke point in every timeline: the character is forced to accept it.

Example: “will we get killed by the Dread Destroyer?” (yes/no)
note that the GM should be very careful with the answer he gives the players, but the players should also be MORE careful with the question they ask.

One thought on “Who Sees in the Future

  1. Liam says:

    I feel like that last tier is very … VERY powerful, and could potentially throw off the direction of the story. I really love Tier 2’s ability. Just fix up a little bit of the spelling mistakes and you should be good!

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