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Life itself can be unfair and unwelcoming for some. Yet you’ve been dealt a better hand in life, and you take every advantage you get from it. You are a gambler, a high-roller, ready to risk everything for that chance to succeed. You laugh against the bad odds, knowing you’ll do just fine for yourself.

You probably wear more jewelry than others, a sign of your life going well for yourself. Your armor embroidered from smiths, leatherworkers, crafters who owe favors to you. Most people stare and compliment your appearance for you never appear poor.

Jacks and Glints are most commonly Born Lucky, they are referred to as “Ladylucks Pride and Joy”. This is for their ability to not only know how the world works, but how people work. Essentially knowing how to play the game of life, as they see fit.



Pick one PC (Player Character), this person not only is dumbfounded by your luck in extreme places, but luck even in life. They always end up losing bets and games with you. They may also boast in public places in your favor. Challenging random strangers against you, whether or not you want too.

Additional Equipment:

You gain an extra cypher and oddity, one that your lucky enough to pick yourself, as long as it’s okay with the Game-Master. Otherwise he will roll for you. You also get to double your Shins, this is from previous bets and games that you played and won.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Take an extra few Shins. +3 Shins
Major Effect Suggestions:
Rejoice!! You have truly mastered the art of Luck. Ride the bull by its horns and take another action.
Tier 1:

Lucky Miss (2 Speed points): When an attack roll is being made against you roll a 1d6, if the result is odd you fail and the attack hits you. If it’s even you succeed and are able to retaliate and make an attack roll against them.

Gambler: You always seem to gain a few extra shins winning bets. Roll a 1d6 every time you win a bet that you’ve put money on. That 1d6 is your extra shins. – Enabler

Tier 2:

Favored Strike (3 Might points): When you succeed in making an attack roll. Roll a 1d20 and add half of that number to the damage you dealt. If you happen to get a number that cannot be halved, take the closest lesser number that would be able too. If you roll a 7, you take the maximum damage output being an additional 10 points of damage.

Tier 3:

Fortunate Cancellation (3 Intellect points): When the GM makes an intrusion that you don’t like. You have the ability to cancel it out, and truly luck out. This can only be done to yourself and once every 28 hours.

Extreme Gambler: You always seem to luck out on winning bets; this takes the place of your 1st tier enabler. Instead of rolling a 1d6 for the ability you now roll a 2d6.

Tier 4:

Pull it out of the Rear (6 Speed points): You don’t accept bad rolls. Once per 28 hours, when you roll a 1, 3, or 5, you are given that many chances to reroll and exceed your difficulty check if it’s possible. Yet you are only allowed to use one asset on those rolls.

Tier 5:

Lucky Find (6 Intellect points): When looting bodies, you are able to roll a 1d10. When doing so if you roll a number higher than 6. You find either 2 cyphers, or 1 artifact. Note that the artifact will be one level higher for you to use than what is rolled for normally. The cyphers will function at a level lower than what is rolled for normally.

Tier 6:

Gamble (6 Intellect points): When you gamble or make a bet in the Campaign, if you happen to win, you are able to gain a much higher reward. If you bet over money you receive triple the bet. If it’s some other kind of gamble the reward will be discussed with the GM.

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