Walks Through Time

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You cannot remember from whence you came, but you know it is not now. You were born with the ability (or curse) to wander through the space-time continuum. Leaping backwards and forwards through time, you have never stayed in a particular period for long before your ability took you to a new when and where. It seems random at times, but it can also be useful as your powers deliver you from harm, or allows insight into your current circumstances (as they have already happened to you before). Whatever your thoughts on this ability, you are stuck in this time for the foreseeable future.


GM Intrusion: Your power suddenly activates and takes you far away, in both terms of time and space. You return to the exact same moment in what seems to be seconds, but was really years for you. The sudden dilation of time makes you lose your next two actions.


Pick one other PC. This character looks exactly like someone from your own past who you cared deeply for. When you guard this PC against any kind of danger, or harm, the difficulty level is made two levels easier to defend against. In lieu of this, you can also elect to throw yourself in front of the PC (so long as you are within immediate range) and take the full brunt of the damage. This decision to guard, or substitute one’s self, must be made before any kind of roll is made.

Additional Equipment:

You have an extra oddity that you have carried through the multiverse with you.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
A strange sense of deja vu comes over you and the realization that you have done this before makes your confidence soar. Your next action is made one step easier.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Blinking out of time for a moment, you suddenly learn the exact outcome of what is about to happen. This knowledge of the task at hand makes your next action four steps easier.
Tier 1:

Blink (2+ Intellect points): During your endless trek through space and time, you have found a few of the ‘shortcuts’ between then and now. Using this knowledge you are able to step from one spot to another within short distance. With each level of effort applied to this action you can take another person with you, or you can increase the distance traveled to the next increment. (Short, Long, Mile, 2 Miles, etc…)

Remembrance: In the future, you have learned a great many things. Some will be pertinent, and some not so much, but a few hints and little facts can make all the difference when trying to navigate the many worlds and time periods of the multiverse. You are trained in any action requiring knowledge of history and/or lore. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Time Dilation (4 Might points): Something distinctly ‘wrong’ has happened and you need it to not have. Your body travels back in time just a few precious seconds to avert this. As you do this the forces of the multiverse sense your intention to change the fabric of causality and seek to stop you by tearing at your physical form. As you turn back time, you are able to re-roll any action taken in the previous round; even if it was not your own.

Tier 3:

Out of Time (3+ Intellect points): You phase out of time and space and travel somewhere else for a round. In this place beyond time and space you do not require food, rest, or any other kind of sustenance and indeed cannot take them with you, so no recovery rolls can be made there. You may spend intellect to remain in this realm for an extra round, until your pool is depleted. Action to initiate.

Tier 4:

Slow Time (6 Speed points): As you concentrate, the ebb and flow of time comes closer and closer to freezing. As it comes to a near standstill, you may take two actions a turn. However, you must act quickly to take advantage of this lapse. A level of effort may be applied to add another action.

Tier 5:

Temporal Rift (7 Intellect points): You open up a gap between both the beginning and end of all time. This rift can be manifested at a maximum of short distance and does six points of damage a round (ignoring armor) to anything within immediate range. This rift lasts for three rounds after being opened and only one can be open at a time. A level of effort can be applied to increase the radius of damage to short range, but is just short enough for the caster remain safe. This must be applied on a round per round basis for the radius to not shrink back to normal.

Tier 6:

Master of Time and Space (10 Might/Speed/Intellect points): You fold space in on itself and warp time in just the right way as to make something happen. Any task you are attempting is reduced by six levels. However, if you wish to obtain a special effect from a die roll you may elect to roll for it. However on a roll of one all points spent are lost and so too is your next action.

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