Traverses Space

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You know your surroundings in a way few others could perceive. Your sixth sense grants you a distinct knowledge of what shape the area around you is and you can tell the shape of a tree behind you as easily as others might smell the grass of a rainy summer afternoon.  What’s more, you’re free to cross from one place to another at a moment’s notice within your sphere of perception. Perhaps your senses are the result of a subconscious connection to the Datasphere. Perhaps they are a form of sonar or come from the ambient nano machines transmitting the information towards a long forgotten implant within you. No matter their source, your trust in your sixth sense is absolute.

You probably tend to wear simple, light clothing and prefer not to carry many heavy object around with you as they would burden you down in your freedom to travel.

A Jack will enjoy the freedom of movement and awareness of their surroundings a lot. Glaives will be tempted to turn their abilities towards flanking an enemy and using surprise tactics to devastating. Nanos might see less use out of it as teleportation comes more naturally to them.


GM Intrusion: The sense of your surroundings has some sort of interference. Either you are briefly unable to get a very clear picture or you end up slightly misplaced from where you wanted to travel.


Chose one other PC. That character always knows where you are, can point in your direction and know to distance to you instinctively. When they concentrate on you they can sense your surroundings in immediate range in the same manner that your own sixth sense works, albeit without the ability to travel towards you.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your sudden disappearance confuses your target, giving you a +1 to Speed defense tasks against that target for 1 round.
Major Effect Suggestions:
The target hits the space where you just were, stumbling and losing its next turn.
Tier 1:

Sense Surroundings (2 Intellect point): With a bit of concentration, you can access a sixth sense of your surrounding within short range in any direction. You can make out general shapes, rough movements and topography of your surroundings, but not see colors, details or distinguish between living or inanimate objects. You instinctively know the size and dimensions of anything within your senses and can navigate it flawlessly.

Concentrating on this sense requires an action. While your focus is on your surroundings, all other tasks are one step more difficult. Attacking someone while focusing on your surroundings is 2 steps more difficult.
Your concentration breaks if you are attacked, take any action or remain focused for more than 1 minute at a time.

Travel (2 Intellect points): While sensing your surroundings you may instantly travel to any point within the range of your senses. You must fit into the space you wish to occupy. While traveling, you do not occupy any space in between your starting point and destination, instead you simply vanish from one and appear in the other. Traveling does not require an action, but will break your focus on your surroundings.

Tier 2:

Sidestep: After you have traveled, the difficulty of any attack against you is raised by 1 for one round. If you traveled into immediate range of an target, the difficulty of your next attack against that target is lowered by 1. Enabler

Tier 3:

Tagalong (4 Intellect points): When using your Travel ability, you may take one willing target along with you.

Expanded Horizon: The range of your Sense Surroundings is increased to long range. Within short range, you can make out more details in objects. Enabler

Tier 4:

Jump In Assault (5 Intellect points): You can use one action to travel towards any target within range of your Sense Surroundings, perform an attack on them and instantly travel back to your previous location. The difficulty of the attack is reduced by one step.

Improved Concentration: Your concentration no longer breaks if you sustain damage while focusing on your surroundings.

Tier 5:

Abduction (7 Intellect points): When using your Travel ability, you may attempt to take one unwilling target along with you. To do so you must pass an Intelligence test against the targets difficulty.

Endless Horizon: Your senses sharpen. Within long range, you can make out more details in objects. Within short range you have a perfectly clear, albeit colorless picture of your surroundings. Enabler

Tier 6:

Perfect Concentration: Focusing on your surroundings no longer requires an action. You may Travel at will. However, doing so more than twice per turn will leave you dizzy, increasing the difficulty of all tasks by 2 for 1 turn. Enabler

2 thoughts on “Traverses Space

  1. Georg Scharfenberg says:

    Balancing is hard, but you seem to made it right.

    1. Sylias says:

      I’m not quite so sure of that…
      While I’m happy with the general concept and its implementation, balancing for some of the abilities, especially the combat focused ones, is not quite where I’d want it. But for now it’s as close as I can get.
      I’m thinking about removing the second range increase and maybe nerfing the Tier 6 a bit. (The idea is to enable a free use for roleplaying purposes and signifying mastery of the technique… but it might be too abusable in a powergaming sense)

      It’s hard to find the right balance when the core book foci range from “you hit things harder than normal” to “you are a living god”

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