Jumps through Space

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Space is an illusion. Somehow you know that on some higher level the normal 3 space dimensions you live in are interconnected. You can travel to other locations without crossing the space between. Being this familiar with space also allows you to sense your immediate surroundings, unhindered by walls and barriers. Due to this spatial sense you will never accidentally teleport into any occupied space. In that case the power will simply not work. Of course, the GM might prove otherwise via a GM intrusion.

Maybe you gained your abilities by some dimensional grafts on your body, by careful studies, by tapping some kind of interdimensional highway, or by a particular event in your past.

Maybe you teleport with a bright flash and bang, or leave behind smoke and a faint scent of burning brimstone (Bamf!), or you rip a hole into space, or simply vanish without any trace.


GM Intrusion: Despite your spatial sense you accidently teleport into solid matter or the destination space is occupied, causing some damage (armor doesn’t count), maybe even trapping you, until freed or you teleport again.

  1. Pick one other PC. When using any of your teleport powers, you can take him along without paying any additional cost.
  2. Pick one other PC. For some reason you have an easier time teleporting within his immediate area, reducing difficulty by one level. Alternatively teleporting is one step more difficult.
  3. Pick one other PC. You always know where he is (in relation to you), no matter how far away, allowing you to teleport to him even if you’ve never been at that place (given your powers allow you to teleport that far). Alternatively, the other PC always knows where you are.
  4. Pick one other PC. This PC knows about your teleporting abilities despite your best efforts to keep them secret. What he makes out of this knowledge is up to him.
Additional Equipment:

You have an oddity that shows new and interesting places at random intervals, which is frustrating to no end for you as you are not able to teleport to a location you’ve never been to before.

Esotery Effects:

All damaging esoteries harm your enemies by warping space around them in sharp angles, or by teleporting away bits and pieces of their flesh. Other esoteries could also be explained by exploiting space, e.g. the Hover esotery could work for you by controlling your own momentum, a fact you subconsciously always make use of when teleporting great distances.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You disarm an enemy by teleporting his weapon away, or into your hand.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You completely surprise an enemy when teleporting next to him, so that he loses his next action.
Tier 1:

Flicker (2 intellect points): You switch to flicker mode, allowing you to teleport at will in your immediate surroundings for one minute. While this doesn’t really help you get anywhere, you gain an asset in any one non-combat movement or quickness related skill or task, chosen at activation of this power. Examples would be running, jumping, fetching falling items, balancing over a rope etc. You can switch to another skill or task once per round as a free action. You can apply effort to have more than one skill active at a time, one level of effort per additional skill/task. You can still exchange only one skill/task per round. Action to initiate.

Tier 2:

Short Jump (2+ intellect points): You instantaneously transmit yourself to any location that is in long range, as long as you can see it. Barriers don’t matter, you don’t cross the space in between your starting place and destination. You can apply one level of Effort to bring one creature or object with you, if it fits inside a 3-foot (1m) cube. You must be in physical contact to teleport it. Action.

Momentum Negation: When using your jump powers, you subconsiously adapt your momentum to the destination location. You will stand still after teleporting. This means that if you are falling and teleport to ground level (given that it is in teleporting range and you have an action to spend), you will not suffer falling damage. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Spatial Sense (3 intellect points): You can sense the shape of objects around you in all directions within a diameter (!) of short range, centered on you, for ten minutes. This sense is not limited by walls or corridors (since those are simply more objects). Spatial Sense is not sight, so you cannot see colors or read text on paper, nor can you tell if something is hot or cold. On the other side it is not affected by darkness or fog. Difficulty depends on the desired detail level. As a rough guideline, sensing vague shapes is easy, telling youth from adult or flesh from stone is moderately difficult while being able to differentiate individuals apart or sensing the setup of a lock is more difficult. You cannot be surprised by physical dangers within range and have an asset to initiative tasks. Your spatial awareness counts as seeing, when other powers depend on sight. Finally, you can sense if another teleport power has been used in the area recently. Action to initiate.

Defensive Flicker: When using Flicker, you now can also pick speed defense tasks to have an asset instead of just con-combat skills; you are never where the blow lands. You can still have only one skill/task active at a time, except when applying additional levels of effort. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Jump (4+ intellect points): You instantaneously transmit yourself to any location that you can see using your own senses (watching a remote location on a screen does not count). You must be able to see your destination on a human scale, roughly 3-6 feet (1-2m) in diameter (Anyone can see the moon, but you cannot see a 6-foot segment on the moon’s surface). On a clear day that would be about 2/3 mile (1 km). Rain, fog or darkness can restrict this quite a bit. Vision-enhancing tools like googles might increase the range. You can apply Effort to bring other targets with you; each level of Effort affects one additional creature or object that has to fit inside a 6-foot (2m) cube. You must be in physical contact to teleport them. Action.

Tier 5:

Quick Jump: When using your teleport powers, once per round you may apply one level of effort to jump as a free action. Enabler.

Offensive Flicker: When activating Flicker, you may apply one level of effort for now being able to also pick physical attacks (including physical esoteries) to get the asset for, in addition to the already existent choices, as your enemies never know from where you will attack next. You still can have only one skill/task active at a time, except when applying additional levels of effort. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Long Jump (6+ intellect points): You instantaneously transmit yourself to any location that you have been to,
 no matter the distance, even if the destination is on another world. Difficulty depends on your familarity with the destination. A location considered home might be very easy, but a location you only visited once and in a hurry might be much more difficult. You can apply Effort to bring other creatures and objects with you; each level of Effort affects up to three additional creatures or objects that have to fit inside a 16-foot (5m) cube. You must be in physical contact to teleport them. Action.

Increased Spatial Sense: When using Spatial Sense, you may apply one level of effort to sense a diameter equal to long range (in other words, a radius of short range), centered on you. Enabler.

4 thoughts on “Jumps through Space

  1. Foci says:

    I like the idea but the way you have it written up makes it more powerful than any published Foci I can think of.

    Most foci have one power per tier maybe a second minor one or an enabler, you have two powerful ones per tier. If it were me I’d cut Familiar Object (over powered), Quick Jump (way over powered), Dust to Dust (nothing to do with teleporting), and Twinning (extremely powerful and it’s like but better than the Exists in Two Places at Once foci). Then I’d bump fetch to tier 2, Short jump to 3, Relocate to 4, Long jump to 5, and Harm to 6 (or cut harm to). Puts the abilities you’re borrowing back at the tiers they’re written for and tones down the foci quite a bit.

    I don’t mean to be overly critical, I do like your idea for a Teleportation Foci, it’s just way out of power balance as is. Maybe toss in a flavor effect like you bend space to create your other Esoteries or Moves, always love those ones that tie the rest of your character into your foci.

    And I’ll toss “Folds Space” or “Tunnels through Space” in the name hat.

  2. Michael Yoho says:

    suggesting “Walks The Fourth Path” as a foci name

    Also the 4 intellect cost for the tier 2 teleport ability is pretty steep. Far Step only costs 2 intellect and basically does the same thing.

  3. shuragil says:

    Thanks @Foci and @MichaelYoho for your feedback! I changed this focus quite a bit, removing some powers, tweaking others, and removed some of them.

    If you read the comments here you might references to ablilities not anymore part of this focus. No, you don’t need new glasses. 🙂

    Maybe you could argue to change a bit here and there (durations, point costs etc.), but all in all I’m quite happy with this focus now.

  4. shuragil says:

    Update 2016-02-05: I changed the Flicker ability a bit: Now you can have more than one skill/task active at a time, when applying effort levels. Yes, you can be quite powerful that way, but it’s gonna cost you, as this will drain your intellect pool quite quickly.

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