Stretches in Unnatural Ways

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The human body has certain parameters in which it is supposed to conform. Arms and legs and torso are of a certain proportion that are pleasing to the eye. Some can perhaps stretch these limits to a certain degree with proper training. You, however, are well beyond that point. Do you even have bones, or vital organs for that matter? Some people might even say your form is an abomination. Were you exposed to cosmic radiation? Maybe some entity spliced your family genes with elastic compounds? Either way, there is not much that can restrain you, even your own skin.


GM Intrusion: After lots of stretching, sometimes things don’t fit back the way they should, leaving you with a slightly malformed body and an inability in Speed checks until you get things back to the correct position.


One of your companions finds your flexibility very arousing, even in your most grotesque positions. You may or may not know this.

Additional Equipment:

A special synth body suit that is able to accommodate your form no matter how far your stretch or how hard you twist.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your outstretched limbs trip up a nearby attacker, knocking it prone.
Major Effect Suggestions:
An enemy is terrified by your sudden bizarre stretching and runs in fear of your undulating movements.
Tier 1:

Rubbery Body: Your elastic flesh is difficult to pierce and you can quickly shape your body around the swing of a weapon making conventional physical attacks less of a threat while you are able to embrace your undulating form. While wearing no armor, you are considered to be trained in speed defense and have a +3 to Armor. Enabler.

Contortionist: You can spread your body thin, twist into bizarre formations, or even fold yourself in half. You are trained in all tasks involving stretching or contorting your body into unusual or improbable positions and shapes. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Stretchy Limbs (1 Speed point): By stretching your arms or legs, you can reach for an object or make a melee attack against a target you can see that is a short distance away. As long as there is a path to the target, you can stretch around barriers and through holes that you (and your melee weapon in case of an attack) can fit through. Action.

Tier 3:

A Long Gait (4+ Speed points): You can move or stretch your body a long distance. For each level of effort you spend, you can move or stretch an additional long distance. As long as there is a path to your final destination, you can stretch around barriers and through holes that you can fit through. Each long distance moved or stretched takes 1 round. Action to initiate and one additional action for each long distance stretched.

Tier 4:

Tangling Limbs (4 Speed points): You use your arm or leg as a whip. Target a creature a short distance away. If successful, the target is knocked prone and takes 4 damage. Action.

Expert Contortionist: You are specialized in all tasks involving stretching or contorting your body into unusual or improbable positions and shapes. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Skin Folds (4+ Speed points): You can stretch and fold your body allowing you to secure or trap items or creatures in your flesh. You can trap a creature or object of your size or smaller within an immediate distance. Larger objects or creatures require effort, each level of effort doubles the size of a creature or object you can target. While trapped a creature may be blinded, muted, restrained, and suffocated, although it may struggle to get out. Moving while an item or creature is trapped may be as difficult as moving a heavy object. Action.

Tier 6:

Impossible Shape (5+ Speed points): Due to your incredibly elastic and malleable nature, you can stretch and mold your body into any single shape or formation you can think of taking. Typically this can be done in a short period of time, but your new shape could take time to mold if it is exceptionally large. You can retain the form for up to 10 minutes. Each level of effort you spend allows you to hold the form for another 10 minutes. Action, although more actions may be required for exceptionally large shapes.

2 thoughts on “Stretches in Unnatural Ways

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    So I see Mr. Fantastic will be making an appearance in the Ninth World 🙂

  2. David L Pigman says:

    Tier 1 and Tier 4 seem to have the same ability…Contortionist and Expert Contortionist. Does that mean that at T1 the pc is Trained and by T4 is Specialzed (reducing DC by 2 Steps?)

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