Spoke against a God

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Your character, at some point in time, somehow infuriated a numenera god. Be it not following their directions, speaking against one of their followers, or disrespecting them in general, your voice has brought about their Holy (or unholy) wrath. Therefore, your character’s very voice has been cursed, and any sound that comes from your throat only brings ill omen. Whether your character chooses to accept this in stride, and use it as a powerful weapon, or cower in silent fear over the pain, misunderstandings, and trouble that your voice causes is up to you, but any time your voice is used, it only brings hurt.


GM Intrusion: The attack of the enemy is powerful enough to elicit a grunt, dealing double damage to yourself.


The demons that inhabit your character’s voice have likes and dislikes as well. Pick one character in the party (Preferably one your character gets along with). The demons particularly dislike this character, and therefore, when voice is involved, it is common for them to feel more pain, or reap more consequences.

Additional Equipment:

A small oddity, in the form of a pad and a writing utensil. Anything written on this pad slowly fades away, and is completely gone in 30 seconds. (for all intent and purpose: a dry erase board that erases itself). A good luck charm, that, once a day, can be used to “remove” the demons, and allow you to speak freely for 1 minute.

Esotery Effects:

Esoteries used do not necessarily have to be voice-related, as things that come from the voice are almost always bad. They can be, if you wish, but one must be wary of the dangers demons bring.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The demons in your voice lose vigilance in their job for a brief moment: Negative occurrences from voice usage is ignored.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Somehow, your actions temporarily please the God whose wrath you have brought upon. Your negative assets in voice become positive ones temporarily.
Tier 1:

Words Hurt (3 Intellect points): You attack literally using the demons that have cursed you. Anyone in immediate range takes 6 points of damage from your voice, including you. If you fail the attack, you still take the damage.

Painful Speaking: Whenever you speak, inside or out of battle, take 2 points of damage.

Demonic Persuasion: The demons hate you. Take two negative assets in anything you do that involves making a sound with your voice. Enabler.

Friends with Silence: You are used to being quiet. As a result, you are ignored frequently. trained in stealth. If you make even one sound, though, you are immediately caught.

Master Mime: You are trained in non-verbal communication.

Tier 2:

Speak with God (3 Intellect points): You have found a way to directly communicate with the God you have enraged, and attempt to come to an agreement with it. This does not necessarily mean he will listen to you. Beating a level 3 task, you can attempt to gain a temporary +2 buff on your next action. If you fail, you get a -2 on the task instead. Action to Initiate.

Silent Lover: You are now specialized in stealth, but the demons still will reveal your location if you make a sound.

Tier 3:

Forked Tongue (3 Intellect points + X Might points): You have mastered the art of speaking pain. You may now choose how loud and how painful your words are in battle. However many might points you are willing to take in damage, is how much damage you deal. Immediate range to everyone. Action to initiate.

God Mime: You are specialized in Non Verbal Communication.

Tier 4:

Plead of the Gods (5 intellect points): You (literally or not) drop to your knees and plead for mercy and grace. The God you have angered takes pity on your case, and your audible cries transform into a sound field surrounding you. +3 armor to everything, including your own voice, for 5 minutes. Action to initiate.

A God’s Pity: You no longer take 2 points of damage whenever you speak. Enabler.

Tier 5:

A God’s Forgiveness: Your negative two assets in anything involving voice is now only one.

Throw Voice (3 Intellect points): You can now throw your voice at an enemy, attacking only them. You deal as much damage as you are willing to take.

Pain into Sacrifice: All attacks involving your voice (Forked tongue, Throw voice, Words Hurt) now no longer cause pain. Instead, they require an equal sacrifice of however many points of damage you want to inflict, coming from any one pool of your choosing.

Tier 6:

A Foe into a Friend (8 Intellect points): You have finally made friends with the God who once hated you. The Demons who once were the bane of your existence are now the direct connection to your Godly Friend, and friend to you as well. You sing one of them into tangible existence, a level 6 creature willing to do your bidding for as long as you can hold them in the corporeal realm. 8 Intellect for one hour. Action to initiate.

Sirens Song (8 intellect points): You join your voice with your new demonic friends, and together, you weave a song of terror that paralyzes your foe. They, on a successful attack, are prone for 3 rounds.

Friends Forgiveness: All negative assets in voice are gone. The required sacrifice for attacks is cut in half.

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  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I see you finally wrote it down 🙂 A bit much to remember? But I like the journey that the character takes towards ultimate forgiveness.

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