Sings With the Universe

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Words have always held power. They have built, and destroyed, nations. So too have they won the hearts and minds of those who would listen, and spurred them to action. You have simply taken the next step with them. Your words hold sway with the cosmos themselves, making them move and sway to your songs. You have found the key phrases, or sounds, that affect the nanites in the air and flesh. With each new power you gain, you improve your vocabulary of cosmic words.

You most likely dress in comfortable clothing and leave your face bare to the air so your word can be delivered unimpeded. Nano’s might find they are best suited for this focus, but a Jack or Glaive might appreciate having these tools in their repertoire.


GM Intrusion: You hit a sour note and lose the harmony of your song. GM determines who is affected by your song.


Pick one other PC. This PC can add their voice to yours once per an hour and give you an asset on any task involving your songs.

Esotery Effects:

All your esoteries are manifested through your singing. These songs might not be in a language anyone (including yourself) knows, but their effects are unmistakable.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your song speaks to the universe and its inhabitants. Whoever is listening to your song finds it one step more difficult to resist a request from you.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You voice is filled with clarity. So much so that you gain double the effect from your song.
Tier 1:

Concussive Wave (2 Intellect points): Your voice sings out with such force that a literal blast of energy ripples forward to strike against your foe, dealing 5 points of damage at up to short range. Instead of dealing damage, this ability can instead push an object (or creature) an immediate distance. Action.

Tier 2:

Oration: You are trained in tasks involving your voice. Enabler.

Heat Siphon (2 Intellect points): You song draws heat from a nearby source and focuses it elsewhere. Choose one target within short range, this target is drained of heat and suffers 2 points of ambient cold damage. After this has been done choose a second target within short range and release the siphoned heat against it causing 2 points of ambient heat damage. This ability can be used to ignite flammable objects and freeze others. Action.

Tier 3:

Symphony of Light (4 Intellect points): You sing to the photons in the air and either encourage them, or cow them into submission. Your song allows you to alter the present level of light by one degree in either direction. This effect lasts for six rounds. Action.

Tier 4:

Greater Oration: You are now specialized in tasks involving your voice. Enabler.

Restoration (4+ Intellect points): Your song is able to draw the vital energies from one living being and restore them to another. You are able to make an intellect based attack against a living creature within long range, on a success you drain the creature of four health and can transfer it into another creature within long range (this can only be transferred to another creature in the form of Speed or Might points). For every extra point of intellect you spend on this ability you will siphon another point of health from the creature, however, this makes the attack one level harder as well. You cannot siphon more health than the creature has. Action.

Tier 5:

Vivid Dream (5 Intellect points): You song affects the auditory center of a creature’s brain (must be able to hear) within long range and causes them to see things that aren’t there. You can use this ability to make a creature see anything you wish. This “illusion” overwrites what the creature normally sees and so it cannot use its visual senses to take actions. For all purposes the creature is acting within complete darkness. The effect from this ability lasts for as long as you continue to sing.  Action.

Tier 6:

Guardian (2+ Intellect points): You begin a song that calls forth a powerful protector for yourself. This guardian is assembled from local materials such as rock, drit, sand or wood. This guardian can take on any shape you imagine, so long as it can fit within a 10 meter cube. This is not to say that it cannot extend beyond that space, but you can only use that much material. Your guardian starts off as a level 1 creature with three health and dealing 1 point of damage. You can increase the level of your guardian by spending an additional 3 point of Intellect to a maximum 27. For each level that your guardian gains it takes an additional round of singing to gather the materials into its form. The size of your guardian should reflect its level. You can only have on guardian at a time, but a guardian will last until it is destroyed, or you wish it to disintegrate. 1-10 Actions.

2 thoughts on “Sings With the Universe

  1. TT says:

    Kind of reminds me of the song system in Aquaria. The theme seems a bit all over the place though, (damage, light, healing, illusions and monster summoning) it could use emphasis on one key component.

    1. Nicholas Johnson says:

      Point of the focus was to have a little of everything, to make you feel like your magic wasn’t too limited

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