Shifts Gravitational Fields

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Like those who Control Gravity, you have tapped into ancient forces and technologies from forgotten eras to hone your gravitational mastery. However, your ability isn’t about weakening or strengthening the power of gravity, but instead shifting the direction of local gravitational fields.

While you may not be able to fly, pull down projectiles, or immobilize your foes, your powers are specialized in mobility and tricky applications.

Your gravitational powers only alter the direction of existing gravitational fields, never the magnitude, so your powers are weakened in low-gravity environments, and rendered useless in zero-g.


GM Intrusion: The direction of the gravitational shift may change unexpectedly. Your manipulation may accidentally create a low or zero gravity field. Your meddling with gravitational forces may attract unwanted attention from those who are sensitive to these fields.


Pick one other PC. This person helped you practice and develop your abilities, and their gravitational presence resonates with your powers. When within short distance of this character, you can use Gravitic Leap on them, or give them a Personal Gravity Shift for one round, paying costs as normal.

Additional Equipment:

You have a whirling gyroscopic oddity that spins until forcefully stopped and always stays balanced upon whatever surface it’s spun upon, no matter how that surface is oriented or turned. This oddity greatly influenced the development and understanding of your talents.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The duration of a personally-affecting power is doubled, or the duration of an offensive power is increased slightly.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You manage a quick, instinctive gravitic shift to knock a target prone, or “throw” them into the air.
Tier 1:

Gravitic Leap (2 Intellect points): You apply a sudden shift in your own personal gravity toward any direction you wish, which slides back toward normal over a few seconds. This allows you to make incredible leaps that would be impossible for anybody else. Your standing jumps count as if they had a running start (Difficulty = distance (ft) / 2 – 4). Your running jumps become even greater (Difficulty = distance (ft) / 3 – 5, because running counts as an asset). Your vertical jumps are also increased since you’re using gravity to your advantage (Difficulty = height (ft) / 2). Enabler.

Balanced: Training in shifting gravitational fields has improved your sense of balance. You are trained in balance-related tasks. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Personal Gravity Shift (3 Intellect points): You shift the direction that gravity pulls you. When you use this power, specify the direction that will become your new “down”. It takes about 2 seconds for your gravitational field to rotate to its new position, and lasts 10 minutes. While you can engage or disable this shift as part of a move, you cannot shift an already shifted field to a new direction. For example, you can create a shift to the east that makes a flat wall your new “down”, but you cannot create an additional shift upwards from the wall to the ceiling. Falling and falling damage applies as normal, just in the new direction. By spending one level of effort, you may make this shift in midair. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Vertigo Spin (4+ Intellect points): You rapidly and chaotically spin the gravitational field around a target’s head, disrupting their bloodflow and inducing dizziness and vertigo. This counts as an attack against Intellect defense (bypassing armor), and if it hits it inflicts 3 points of Speed damage. On a hit, the target is hindered with dizziness and vertigo for 2 turns, and has the difficulty of all balance-related actions modified by one additional step to his detriment. The target can only move up to immediate distances; any further and they fall prone. For each additional 2 points of Intellect you spend, the target remains hindered one additional round. This attack only works on organisms with an inner ear or similar balance mechanism that can be dizzied. If used on a target already affected by Vertigo Spin, it only hinders the target for 1 additional round not 2. Action.

Tier 4:

Personal Gravity Field (5 Intellect points): You have mastered manipulating your personal field of gravity. Once activated, for the next 20 minutes you have complete control over your personal gravity field, allowing you to redirect the field as part of a move. You may make up to 2 gravity field shifts in midair as a part of a move, or as a reaction when falling. Enabler.

Gyroscopic: Very little can set you off balance. You are specialized in balance-related tasks. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Redirection Field (6 Intellect points): When you wish it, you can distort gravity to spin projectiles around you and attempt to redirect them back to their source. You gain an asset on your speed defense against ranged projectile attacks until the end of your next turn. If your defense succeeds, the projectiles which missed you are caught in orbit around you, granting an asset on Speed melee defense tasks. On your next turn, you may make an attack action to redirect each remaining projectile back to its source. If you are unwilling or unable to make this attack, all projectiles orbiting you fire off in random directions as gravity returns to normal. You must be aware of an attack to attempt to redirect it. This ability does not work on energy attacks. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Singularity (6+ Intellect points): You can create a singularity within spherical short distance and bind it as the new directional source of gravity for a single big (about 10 feet tall or long) creature or object. The singularity is not physical, and appears at any spatial point you desire within short distance, even if that point is obstructed, or even beneath the ground or within a wall. No matter where it is placed or what lies between the singularity and the target, the target will be pulled toward the singularity with the same magnitude as local gravity. If placed in midair, this may cause the target to fall toward the singularity, past it, and rubber-band back and forth until they are centered on the singularity. The singularity itself causes no damage. The singularity and gravity binding lasts for 1 minute, and you must remain within short distance of the singularity or it will evaporate. As an action, you may relocate the singularity to any spatial point within short distance. For each level of effort applied, you may affect one additional target. Action.

One thought on “Shifts Gravitational Fields

  1. Andrew Bowman says:

    Making a change to Personal Gravity Shift and Personal Gravity Field.

    By using a level of effort, Personal Gravity Shift can be used in midair, so this can be used to save yourself when falling.

    Personal Gravity Field’s duration is increased to 20 minutes, and will follow the default Numenera rules for power duration extension. It now allows up to 2 field shifts in midair as part of a move, or as a reaction to falling.

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