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You have always shared a special bond with your Far Twin. When you first met you both knew you were the same, that you shared the same soul. After spending time and getting to know one another, you realised that your bond was more than just kinship, you could feel what each other felt, see what each other saw. Or maybe you’ve never met but deep down, you just know there is another you out there, sharing the same soul.

No one can tell you are anything more than normal just by looking at you, and even when stood next to your twin, nothing makes you stand out as Far Twins, nor Far Twins with this special gift.

Only Far Twins can share a soul with another, but anyone could potentially be a Far Twin.

NOTE: See the companion post with more discussion on the idea of Twins and Sharing a Soul.



Pick another PC. You look identical to them, though you may not have a scar or a tattoo that they have your hair, eyes and skin are all the same and all your abilities work with them and only them. Alternatively, pick a PC – this character knows you are a Far Twin because they have met your counterpart and are bitter enemies. Whether they reveal this knowledge and how they use it is up to them. In this case, the GM should secretly generate a character for your twin.

Additional Equipment:

You have an entirely unique oddity in the form of a piece of jewelery that identifies you from your twin, changing a different colour depending on which twin is wearing it.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You get a flash of insight from your twin's point of view, the difficulty of your next similar action is reduced one step.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Both twins recover the pool cost.
Tier 1:

Shared Soul. You have an empathic bond with your twin at all times. You know when they are in pain or when are afraid, you can sense their emotions (unless they don’t want you to) and get a general sense of their well-being. Enabler.

Like a Mirror. You are trained in any deception or disguise tasks related to presenting yourself as your twin. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Body Swap (2+ Intellect points). If they are willing, you can swap bodies with your twin telepathically. You don’t have to be able to see them, but you must know they are within short range and each swap lasts up to ten minutes. When controlling their body, you have access to all your own abilities and skills, and they have access to all of theirs in your body, but you are using their pools. The body swap also causes a faint telepathy, allowing each twin to faintly hear the others thoughts if they concentrate. If you apply effort, you can increase the range to long range or the duration to 28 hours or do a body swap even though the other twin is unwilling (you must still make an opposed intellect roll to see if they resist). Action to initiate.

Tier 3:

Shared Experience. Drawing on the deep bond you share, you tap into the well of experience your twin has to supplement your own. You gain training in any 2 skills of your twin you don’t already have. Alternatively, you may take one type ability of up to 2nd Tier that your twin has chosen (e.g. a fighting move, an esotery or a trick of the trade). Enabler.

Tier 4:

Always Together (4 Intellect). If you concentrate, you can teleport to your twin, no matter where they are. If they are willing, you can teleport them to you.

Tier 5:

Shared Resources. As you further develop your bond, if they are willing, you can spend from the pools of your twin or grant your twin to ability to spend from your own pools. Shared pool spending is allowed on a case-by-case basis. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Two Become One (6+ Intellect points). By touching your twin, you both merge into one composite being with all the abilities and skills of both. Pools of both twins are added together, for edge and effort the highest of either twins is used. The fusion lasts for 2 rounds, plus 2 rounds for every level of effort spent when establishing the merge. The merge ends automatically if the composite being is moved a step down the damage track. When leaving the merge, both twins’ pools drop back to their original value or that of the composite, whichever was lower, for each pool. The twins both work together controlling the actions of the composite being, but if one twin wants to force a course of action, the twins can each make an opposed intellect roll to determine who is in control for that round, though such conflicts reduces the composite’s intellect pool by 6 each time.  Action to initiate.

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