Shapes the Elements

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You are intimately connected with the ebb and flow of power in the world. It courses through your veins and fills you with dreadful potential. Where you go, the elements reshape themselves to your will and act upon your command. Whether this is from some psychic mutation, or an unknown linkage to the numenera, you are considered by others to be a shaman; a representative of the very Earth itself.


GM Intrusion: Something, somewhere, feels 'off' about the world. This strange feeling is so strong and invasive that you lose your next action, whatever you meant for it to be.


Pick one other PC. This PC and yourself have some kind of link that cannot be broken. No matter where you are in the world, the other may follow your trail; despite distance, time and environment.

Additional Equipment:

You bear a strange tube made of what appears to be stone. If any kind of seed is dropped into the tube and then sealed with the top the seed will change into a fast growing organism that when buried will sprout its roots into a small hut (can contain two people at a time).

Esotery Effects:

Communion: You have the unnatural ability to understand the mood of nature. This is in no way an accurate, or measurable, feeling, but it allows you to get a general sense from trees, plants, stone and other natural flora if you concentrate.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The power of nature suffuses your attack and they are held back by the forces of the natural world. All actions taken by the affected target are made one step to their detriment
Major Effect Suggestions:
Nature takes to your side and hinders your foe. Any actions taken by the enemy for the next round are made two step harder than usual.
Tier 1:

Stone Shaper (1 Intellect point): At your command, stone turns to liquid and will flow into whatever shape you desire. Note, no more stone can be shaped than an equal amount to your own body mass.

Tier 2:

Bark Skin: Your very body begins to harden as it takes on the aspects of nature. Your skin becomes tough, but still malleable, like flesh. You gain +1 to your armor. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Windwalker (3 Intellect points): As you focus your inner self, so too does the air around you begin to flow more steadily. With supreme effort you guide the wind to lift you off your feet. Once activated this ability allows the character to fly anywhere within long range. Action.

Tier 4:

Greater Communion (5 Intellect points): Your connection with the natural world is heightened. You can now hear the stone sing of the past and the trees tell of the future. And sometimes when asked, they will answer. The PC may ask questions of the surrounding world (set at level 4) and receive an answer if communicated well enough.

Tier 5:

Skin Changer (7 Intellect points): Taking on the aspect of nature, you morph into a great beast several times your size. This beast in some ways resembles a bear and gives you a +4 to your Might Pool and a +2 to your Might Edge. In addition you receive +2 to your Speed Pool and a +1 to your Speed Edge. Your animal form will only last for ten minutes, but Effort can be used as much as the PC wishes in this form; despite what their actual Effort limit is. Action to initiate.

Tier 6:

The Living World (8 Intellect points): You call upon the aid of the world, and it responds. Every natural flora, or fauna, within a mile rushes to your aid. Trees, rocks, and even animals will attack your foe, or bend to your will so as to aid your endeavors. Until the fight is over the PC effectively has control over a level six creature to do his bidding.

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