Serves the Gods

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Whether through your dreams, ancient prophecy, or by a direct link, you know what designs the gods have for the Ninth World and how they must come about. You have chosen to become their instrument and in doing so have been gifted great power and purpose. You cross the land doing the will of the divines and helping those you can. Many consider you a knight, or even a crusader, but none know your true purpose. And as you go about your holy task, the power of the gods grows ever stronger in you – their dedicated servant.


GM Intrusion: You have displeased the gods with your sinful ways. You are temporarily stunned by the force of their displeasure and lose your next turn and count all actions as one step harder.


Pick one PC. That PC has seen your miracles at work and thinks you are the Savior of the Ninth World. They will do anything to protect you from harm. If you are being guarded by the PC then instead of the normal asset given by their protection you will instead defend as if you were receiving two assets towards your defense.

Additional Equipment:

A holy symbol that you use to pray to the gods, and a single oddity that was given to you by a grateful man, or woman, you saved on a past adventure.

Esotery Effects:

Any esoteries you cast take on a bright and luminescent quality. The light seems otherworldly and to not come from you so much as it comes through you.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your actions are rewarded by the divines! Instantly gain 2 points back into a pool of your choosing.
Major Effect Suggestions:
The gods intervene on your behalf and viciously attack your foe. Make another attack with an asset in your favor.
Tier 1:

Smite (2 Might points): You call upon the power of the gods to strike down your foes. You take a single action to concentrate the power of the divines into your weapon, and on the next turn you may deal double your damage output (this only affects the weapon’s damage output). If you are attacked while channeling, the smite attack next turn will be lost, including the points spent. Action to initiate.

Holy Aura: You are protected by the gods and they will not see you harmed. You have a constant +1 to your armor that cannot be ignored. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Righteous Shield (4 Speed points): You valiantly step forward to protect the innocent and the weak in the face of danger. However you are protected by the gods and so the blows of the enemy fall by your side with little effect. As an out of sequence action, you may rush to the defense of someone in need and within short range. This can only be done once per a round, however. This power allows for you to substitute yourself for someone else when taking damage, but you may also roll for defense. However, no assets or skills are allowed to affect the roll.

Tier 3:

Wings of Light (4 Intellect points): You are granted the ability to fly on beautiful wings made of divine light. These wings are so bright that they can be used to partially blind your foes, providing an asset on speed defense. The wings will only last for one hour, but can be kept without pause for as long as your Intellect pool is still sufficient. For as long as the wings are active, your movement is modified to long distance. When outside of combat, the wings can carry you up to 20 miles per an hour. Action to initiate.

Tier 4:

Blessed Touch (1+ Intellect point): You channel the benevolent touch of your gods through your hand and heal those who have fallen beside you. You may expend points from your Intellect pool and convert them into either Might, or Speed. These points then must be transferred to someone else other than yourself. This power cannot bring the dead back to life, and the recipient must be within immediate range to be affected.

Protector: You are trained in all tasks involving the defense of others and their well being. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Defender of the Realm: You are a defender of this world and will guard against extra dimensional threats with fervent zeal. Any attacks you make against ultradimensional creatures will be treated as if they existed on the same plane as your attack. Enabler

Conduit: You are a more capable vessel to channel the gods now, and no longer require an action to ready your Smite power. Enabler.

Healing Hands: You are trained in all tasks involving healing others and yourself. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Wrath (8+ Might): The sky thickens with thunderclouds and the earth trembles as the gods channel their unfathomable rage through you. As their power builds within you, it becomes too much to bear and you unleash a cataclysmic wave of roaring energy. All within short range will take eight points of damage. Effort may be applied to increase the range in order of (short, long, 200 ft, 400 ft, 800 ft, etc…)

One thought on “Serves the Gods

  1. Nobilis says:

    This one’s a bit focused on ONE particular style of god, but doesn’t actually give any insights into the nature of that god.

    I’d rather see something either more generic toward data gods in the infosphere, or tailored toward one particular god.

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