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The light of day finds no response when it touches your atrophied eyes. Even if you knew once how others perceive the world you’d fail to describe it if asked to now. You are blind, but not deaf. Events hardly followed by others never escape your notice. Your dagger can’t miss the target’s heart when its beat beacons you so loudly. Others would call you blind, yet they would be digging own grave should they consider treating you as handicapped.


GM Intrusion: You trip and fall.


Choose one player. This player will take on the role of your guide in an unfamiliar environment or if you have to cross long distances.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Notice an additional weakness (+2 damage on next attack until the target dies).
Major Effect Suggestions:
Notice and exploit the noticed weakness on the same turn.
Tier 1:

Blindness: Every task in an unfamiliar environment is harder 2 steps. You autofail tasks that specifically require vision. Your performance is unaffected by the darkness (you should still be familiar with the environment). Standard absence of light penalties don’t apply to you. Your sharpened senses enable you to notice things others can’t (whispered talk, arrow flight, presence of hidden characters). Enabler.

Tier 2:

Sense Motive (2+ Intellect Points): By noticing concealed details of voice tones you can tell if somebody is lying to you. If you touch the target you feel its bloodflow and the task becomes easier 1 step. Action.

Tier 3:

Guided Strike (3 Might or Speed Points): Your hand is guided by the target’s heartbeat. +3 damage, slay on major effect. Action.

Tier 4:

Nanites Affinity: Your senses sharpen to the point when you begin to notice the flow of nanites. Esoteries that target you are 1 step harder to perform, your esoteries are 1 step easier to cast. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Extraplanar Sense (5 Intellect Points): If there is a rift in proximity you can sense activities behind the veil. Action.

Tier 6:

Traverse Dreams (6+ Intellect Points): By touching a sleeping target you can traverse its dreams. Who knows what may come of it. Action.

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