Regenerates Constantly

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You seem to never get injured, at least for long.

You noticed your abilities when you greatly injured yourself, intentionally or accidentally, and then all of the sudden you healed, what should have taken months to heal, has only taken seconds. You may have acquired a mutation from your ancestors, you may have injected a medicine into yourself, or you may have a nano-cloud follow you around and repairing any damage done to you. Who knows? As long as you recover it doesn’t really matter.

Glaives gain the most advantage from this. But a nano who can recover from a failed experiment is not unheard of.


GM Intrusion: Your power's may not kick in quick enough, and may even be "sleeping" for a while.


Choose a PC. This character has seen you recover from what should have been a fatal injury, they are amazed at your abilities.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You gain a surge of healing energy, you recover an extra 3 health.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your power's show their best. You go up 1 step up the damage track and shake off any unwanted effects
Tier 1:

Healthy: You seem to be able to recover faster then normal, and you don’t often get sick. Add +1 to recovery rolls, you are also trained in might defense. Enabler

Tier 2:

Faster Recovery: You seem to heal much faster then others, your ten minute recovery is now only an action. So your first and second recovery rolls are an action, your third’s an hour, and your fourth’s 10 hours. Enabler

Tier 3:

Regeneration: Your abilities are showing their true power. You recover 1 might or speed point per round indefinitely, you are also now specialized in might defense.

Tier 4:

Faster Regeneration: You get stronger in your skill. You now recover 2 might or speed points a round.

Tier 5:

Take the Pain: You absorb your friend’s injuries, taking them as your own. you replace up to  5 might or speed points with a chosen player. Basically, the chosen character heals 5 damage and you take 5 damage.

Tier 6:

Regenerative Supremacy: You are at your best, you now recover 3 might or speed points per round indefinitely. And you are now immune to all poisons and diseases.

Deathless: You recover from death, upon dying, you instead fall unconscious and recover with your abilities. But if you die again within the next 28 hours, you are truly dead.

2 thoughts on “Regenerates Constantly

  1. Turtletron says:

    It is far too strong and for all intent makes the “works miracles” focus obselete. Even the Last Castoff in Tides of Numenera, who was known for having regenerative ability that made him/her near invincible, didn’t regenerate pool pts each round. Use it if you want, but it makes for a very overpowered and uninteresting character.

    Try to change some of those Enabler powers for Action powers and add a Intellect cost to them… or just use the “Works miracles” focus which is already plenty strong.

  2. ProteusVII says:

    Why don’t you just call it God

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