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You are radioactive. Plain and simple. For some reason as long as you can remember, the burning, unforgiving warmth of radiation has embraced and empowered you. Perhaps this is due to cybernetic implants that use it as a fuel source, perhaps a collection of nanites within your blood harvests the radiation around you and use it to feed your cells and help produce your esoteries? Whatever the reason, you adore the virulent glow of radiation.

You probably wear light clothes when outdoors, but bundle up to gather whatever warmth you can when not in sunlight. In some cases, your appearance may be distorted as the radiation your body creates flows outward in a small personal bubble, like around the edge of a fire, or as though one is looking through poorly crafted glass. In other cases, your entire body may be coated in radioactive slime that oozes from every orifice, glows ever so slightly in the dark, and tastes just a bit like mangoes.

Nanos are most suited to Radiate, but a Jack and even a Glaive could certainly find benefits to adopting this focus.


GM Intrusion: Your radiation causes the ground beneath you to become unstable. All movement related task are now 1 step harder.


Pick one other PC, this character is under the impression that being around you too long will cause them to become sick from the radiation, and eventually die.

Additional Equipment:

A small oddity shaped like a cube about 3 square inches. It glows in different colors with a language no one recognizes. You alone may interpret these languages easily to identify the location of pockets of radiation up to 1 mile away as well as how potent the areas are. Also a set of clothing that is not at all affected by radiation.

Esotery Effects:

Distortive esoteries/Sludge esoteries Any physical esoteries take on an appearance that looks like a wave of heat that is distorting and contorting the air, or an actual physical pile of radioactive sludge that is produced by your body that can be weaponized and used outwardly. For instance, the physical version of onslaught may be a radiation wave that blasts your opponent with microwaves, leaving their flesh burnt and irritated.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your radiation burns the water in an opponents eyes, giving you an assert to avoid their next attack.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your Radiation energizes you, allowing you to recover 3 points to any of your pools.
Tier 1:

Unnatural Glow (2 Intellect points): You may cause a portion of your body to glow, giving the same amount of light as a major glow globe within short range of you. Action to initiate.

Radioactive: Take no damage from radiation, also if you spend 10 or more minutes in a radioactive area, you do not need to eat or drink for that day. Enabler

Tier 2:

Radiation Blast (3 Intellect points): You may fire a blast of intense radiation at any target up to short range. The radiation is enough to boil water on contact, destabilize simple materials and if it hits an opponent, it deals 3 points of damage, if you spend a level off effort on damage, you may increase the damage dealt by 2 (instead of 3). Action to initiate.

Tier 3:

Regenerate: Radiation now actually seems to heal you. You can recover 2 points to your might or speed pool for every 10 minutes spent in a radiated area. Enabler.

Nuclear Engineer: Trained in identifying and understanding radiation and anything that runs on it

Tier 4:

Blood Boiler (5 Intellect points): You focus your powers on one singular target, causing their very blood to boil inside their veins. This attack ignores armor and deals 5 points of might damage. If targeting an inorganic opponent, this attack does not ignore armor. It can also be used to break objects, it is two levels easier to break an object this way, as compared to pure might. Action to Initate.

Tier 5:

Entropy (6 Intellect points): You may dismantle or completely destroy any object of up to level 8 that you can see. If an opponent is using the object, you must make an intellect role against them to destroy it. You may spend a level of effort to increase the max level of an object you can target. This can be used as an attack, and if successful, it deals 6 points of damage. Action to initiate.

Order (6 Intellect points): You remove all radiation and action from a specified object or person within short range, causing targets that fail to resist  to instantly go into a deep freeze. An object affect by this is made brittle and is 3 levels easier to break/shatter by means of a might role. Any opponent this attack successfully hits is frozen and unable to move for one turn, or if a PC, until they make a level 4 might role to break free from the frozen state. Targets also take 3 points of cold damage. Action to Iniatiate.

Tier 6:

Nuclear Expert: You are now specialized in identifying and understanding radiation and anything that runs off of it.

Nuclear (10 Intellect points): You detonate all the built up radiation stored within yourself, unleashing it outward. This attack can instantly vaporize all water, tear apart buildings, and produces a tremendous shockwave knocking any target in short range back. Any traget hit by this, including any allies within short range, take 10 points of ambient damage as well as being knocked down, and any level 3 creature or material is instantly disintegrated. Targets who manage to resist still take 2 points of ambient damage. This ability can only be used once per day, as you must rebuild the lost radiation. Action to initiate.

4 thoughts on “Radiates

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    maybe cut out some of the abilities. the focus is fairly heavy.

    1. Shaun Franklin says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m considering removing Reconstruct. And possibly Unnatural glow. Although Unnatural glow isn’t a very potent power.

  2. Nicholas Johnson says:

    looks less bulky now :] I’m not sure if Entropy and Order should coexist in the focus because of balancing issues. They are both really powerful. Maybe cut one out and increase the strength of the radiation blast? I could see that becoming your main attack! 🙂

    1. Shaun Franklin says:

      I really liked the idea of Entropy and order coming together. And I actually wanted this focus in some ways to have a sense of utility to some combat. Kind of a balance between the two with neither being too prevalent. Which is why I didn’t beef up the radiation blast. If I was going o change it, I’d probably nerf entropy and order a little bit so it’s not quite as OP, or make them the same ability that can just be used in multiple ways.

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