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You are a paid torturer and executioner – no way to spin it otherwise. You likely take pride in your work, seeing it as the ultimate in selfless devotion to the principles of justice: your weapon (probably an axe or two-handed sword) is honed to a fine edge. Although socially-reviled, your position is crucial: in societies that do not generate the surplus to maintain large prison populations, the threats of your excruciations and executions are vital to maintaining order (or, at least, this is what you believe). Torturers traditionally wear unrelieved black robes, and are masked when they perform their duties.

Other Special Effects: Though tolerated socially, few people genuinely like you: pleasant interactions are one step more difficult for you.

This focus is based around the Order of the Seekers for Truth and Penitence from the Book of the New Sun.


GM Intrusion: A torturer and executioner is a controversial and oft-hated figure, who may attract the ire of friends and relatives of victims; information obtained through torture is not always reliable; your carefully executed strikes and grapples sometimes go awry


Choose from the following options. Pick a PC:

  1. You are fairly sure that, in the past, you have questioned someone related to them; their player decides whether or not they are aware of this fact.
  2. This PC shows an unhealthy interest in your work. While you are not averse to sharing your techniques, you first want to be sure that they understand the sombre nature of justice.
  3. This character appears to believe that torture is insupportable, and should never be used to obtain information. You hope to demonstrate the fundamentally moral nature of your work to them.
  4. This character has committed a crime in their past, and is terrified of being tortured and killed as punishment. This likely has a strong bearing on their relationship with you.
Additional Equipment:

You carry a jet-black robe and black mask. When these are worn together, you gain a +1 bonus to dice rolls for intimidation tasks.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your tortures are particularly effective; in addition to learning the truth to your questions, your victim imparts an additional piece of interesting information.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your foe is awed by your grim and implacable attitude, and receives a one step difficulty penalty (to its detriment) on its next offensive or defensive action
Tier 1:

Apprentice Torturer: you are trained in intimidation, interrogation techniques, and in attempts to judge whether a person speaks the truth. Enabler.

Nerve Grip (2 Speed points): you attempt to grasp and take hold of a vital nerve centre, inflicting damage as an unarmed attack. The intense pain inflicted means that, for one round, all tasks attempted against this foe are modified by one step to its detriment. This attack only works against creatures with a nervous system (discuss with GM). Action.

Tier 2:

Reviled: you have grown used to your outsider status, and have developed a resilient attitude toward the insults and abuse often directed toward you: you are trained in Intellect defence. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Journeyman Torturer: you are specialised in intimidation and interrogation tasks, and in judging truth from lies. Enabler.

Anatomist: in order to inflict the most exquisite tortures, you must first understand the body and its limitations. You are trained in anatomical knowledge and healing tasks. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Sure Strike (3 Might points): you are often called upon to dispense final justice – if you take the time, you can execute a single accurate and powerful blow.  The difficulty of landing this blow is reduced by one step, and the attack inflicts +2 damage. This attack can only be performed with edged weapons, and when choosing to perform this action, you automatically strike last. Action.

Tier 5:

Crippling Attack (5 Intellect points): by drawing upon your considerable anatomical knowledge, you launch a devastating attack on your foe. In addition to the normal damage inflicted, your attack inflicts permanent damage: for the rest of combat, all tasks undertaken by your opponent are modified by one step to its detriment. Additionally, you may nominate a specific spot struck by your attack, which may have further effects (e.g. a strike to the eyes may cause blindness for a round or an attack on an arm or leg may cause increased movement or attacking difficulties; discuss with GM). When choosing to perform this action, you automatically strike last. Action.

Tier 6:

Master Torturer: you are specialised in healing tasks and in anatomical knowledge (you need to keep your victims alive to face their final punishments). Additionally, your knowledge of inventive torture techniques grants you an asset in all interrogation and intimidation tasks. Enabler.

Swift Justice: you are trained in initiative tasks, and your ‘Sure Strike’ and ‘Crippling Attack’ abilities no longer automatically occur last in combat. Enabler.

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