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Most people relish the idea of being unique and singular in their identity. Myths, or well constructed lies, are built on the idea of an evil twin performing heinous acts leaving an innocent look alike behind to answer for the damage. Even some of the Ancients feared the repercussions of cloning more intellectually advanced beings.

That fear is of no consequence to you. It is second (or third or fourth) nature for you to have a duplicate around most of the time. Most people think it is your twin. In fact, it is a multiple or clone or replicant, one that you yourself created. Maybe it is your enhanced cellular structure that allows you to divide your cells on command or perhaps your psyche is capable of willing matter into existence. Or is each clone just an extension of your own consciousness?

Most clones are not stable enough to live much longer than a day. But it does beg some existential questions, as each clone withers and dies under the new sun. In time would these clones choose a different path? Would they form an identity independent from you? Would they even be the same person? What is this life force that fuels their flesh? Perhaps it is best they don’t live long enough to find out.


GM Intrusion: A clone may turn against their master in an act of rebellion, all the more likely when a failure exposes a moment of weakness. That very same clone may even live well past its normal life expectancy.


One of your allies can somehow always tell the difference between you and your clones, no matter what. In fact your clones seem strangely unstable around that ally who can destroy a clone by merely touching it.

Additional Equipment:

You start the game with a full set of equipment that is identical to whatever your type normally allows. Usually this equipment is used by one of your clones.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The confusion of seeing double allows one of your clones to take an action while your enemy is focused on you.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your cloning biology reacts strangely with some nearby energy source, you are not hurt but instead a new clone immediately springs into existence.
Tier 1:

Clone (2+ Might points): You create a level 1 creature who is a clone of you. The creature looks, talks, thinks, and possesses the same mannerisms as you, although it does not retain your training, powers, or equipment. A clone’s life force expires after a 28-hour period, at which point it falls dead no matter how much damage it has taken before that point. You can create a clone of higher level by spending effort. Each level of effort increases the level of the clone at creation. Action.

Tier 2:

Shared Memories: You know what your clones know. Their memories and experiences are immediately known and understood by you as if you yourself experienced it. Also when at least one of your clones is within a short distance of you, you have an asset on perception and initiative checks as well as any attempts to study or learn something new. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Multitask: You and your clones work very well together. One or more of your clones can assist you in a task, giving you a bonus of +1 on the roll for each assisting clone when applicable. In addition, this may reduce the amount of time needed to perform the task within reason. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Clone Flesh (4+ Intellect points): Through your ability to replicate your own DNA you are able to quickly mend physical injuries and even regenerate severed limbs, remove the effects of aging, or grow new organs for yourself or one of your clones. In addition, the target recovers 4 points that can be distributed to Might and/or Speed pools (clones simply recover 4 damage). The target may recover another 4 points for each level of effort you use. Action.

Tier 5:

Multiplicity: Whenever you create one clone you may instead make two of the same level. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Empty Shell (5 Intellect points): You can transfer your consciousness to one of your clones. While in the clone you retain your pools and training and powers. The clone’s psyche is destroyed. While you are inhabiting the clone’s body, your original body is considered debilitated until you return. At any time you can return to your original body and the clone you were inhabiting dies. While you are inhabiting the clone’s body it does not expire. In the case that your original body is killed or destroyed you may reside in the clone body indefinitely if you choose, making the clone body your new permanent body. Action.

4 thoughts on “Multiplies

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    It’s a really cool idea 🙂 I look forward to seeing how a character does with it.

    1. thanks, i dont know if i will ever get a chance to play it in game, but i would love to hear from anyone who does

  2. tskaiser says:

    Single problem with Tier 4: there is no limit as to how often you can do this, meaning a tier 4 character with Edge could easily do it for free. This makes it a full heal except for intellect for you and your clones after each encounter, which is a tad bit OP for my tastes. Works Miracles explicitly works around this by making it harder and harder to do or placing hard limits on how often it can be done.

    Otherwise cool idea.

  3. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Question. Couldn’t you technically make infinite clone with a might edge of 2? I know they die after 28 hours,but still you could make a small army at dawn every day and then go around with a hundred level 1’s under your command

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