Merges With Plants

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In your DNA are nanites that once connected all the plants on the planet in a giant network. Now, you are realizing you can interact with those same nanites, and merge with the flora around you. Your connection to people has grown more distant as you continue to experience the world more and more through your special abilities. The more you dabble and gain control, the more you produce plant-like mutations that set you apart from other humans. Not quite human anymore, you merge with these ancient technologies still present in plant-life to become something more.

Your body has growths others can see if they look closely (for example: spores, leaves, berries, pollen, or mushrooms). Your hands and feet have small, thick tufts of a strange moss on them that digs into soil, wraps around plants, and otherwise interacts directly with flora you intentionally touch – and this allow you to use some of your abilities. You probably prefer furs, skins, and other organic matter formed into clothing, or simple leather.

Anyone – glaive, jack, or nano – might merge with plants.


GM Intrusion: People tend to distrust someone who appears to be part-plant and part-human. Merge doesn't mean control, and sometimes the plants to which you are merged can seem to have a mind of their own.


Pick one other PC who doesn’t merge with plants. This character believes you are, or are possessed by, a malevolent nature spirit that wants to rid the world of non-plants. You can choose whether or not you are aware of his beliefs.

Additional Equipment:

A fist-sized oddity that glows blue when submersed in water that is free of harmful pollutants.

Esotery Effects:

Plant Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or energy instead are the result of visible gas or spores, or botanical extensions of your will.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your growths produce a slippery goo, which grants you a +1 to all Speed defense tasks.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your sweat glands produce 1 dose of liquid as if from a Chemical Factory cypher that is used immediately.
Tier 1:

Plant Matter: You gain +1 to Armor, +3 to your Might Pool, and +3 to your Speed Pool. Enabler.

Biosynthesis: You must spend at least an hour in direct contact with a suitable area of plants per day. You require twice as much water per day to survive than others, but do not require any food if the water is free of harmful pollutants. You can immediately sense the presence of distress in any plants you physically touch.

Tier 2:

Twisting Vines (2 Intellect points): While you and your target are in short range of a suitable area of plants, you can make a ranged attack to grab a foe of your size or smaller with the plants. A successful attack means the plants grab the foe, dealing 2 damage and bringing it to a halt if it was moving (this can be treated as a tackle, if appropriate). Action.

Merging: You no longer need a suitable area of plants for Tier 1 Biosynthesis (you have merged a large enough plant into your skin instead). In addition, the merging increases your Might Edge, Speed Edge, and Intellect Edge increase by 1. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Natural Flow: While taking any action (including fighting) in the wild, you ignore any penalties due to plants such as tall grass, thick brush, rugged terrain, and so on. Enabler.

Botanical Resistance: You are immune to all poisons which do not specifically affect plants, and gain an asset on all tasks to resist diseases. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Interface with Ecosystem (4 Intellect points): You interface directly with the plant life in the area, and may extend your senses to one mile in any direction and can ask the GM a very simple general question about that area, such as “Where is the yovoki camp?” or “Is my friend Baxter still alive?” If the answer you seek is not in the area, you receive no information. Action.

Tier 5:

Noxious Cloud (5+ Intellect points): You body produces leaves, spores, pollens, or a gas that flows in all directions, up to short range. All within the burst take 5 points of damage. If you apply Effort to increase the damage rather to than to decrease the difficulty, you deal 2 additional points of damage per level of Effort (instead of 3 points); however, targets in the area take 1 point of damage even if you fail the attack roll. Action.

Tier 6:

Photosynthesis: The drawbacks of tier 1 Biosynthesis no longer apply, and you still don’t require food. In addition, when you take a rest in direct sunlight, your pools recover twice as many points as usual. Enabler.

Supreme Growth (6 Intellect points): Your body sprouts plant growth appendages which resemble stems and secrete poison or fire thorn projectiles, which persist for the next ten minutes. These inflict 3 additional damage in melee combat, and 1 additional damage in ranged combat. In addition, supreme growth counts as a shield (counting an asset and lowering the difficulty of Speed defense tasks by one step); however, during any round in which you use this shield benefit, the difficulty of your attacks increases by one step. Action.

Crawling Growth (3 Intellect points): For the duration of Supreme Growth, you may use spend Intellect to use Crawling Growth once per turn. When you do, you move you a short distance without spending your action. Enabler.

3 thoughts on “Merges With Plants

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I like the concept of it, and the feeling of being a dryad is cool, but the fact that the power is so heavily based on plants being nearby is a hinderance in my eyes. In cities (the meat and butter of numenera) you will be next to useless – at least in regards to your focus powers.

    1. Hm. :/ Was trying to avoid that actually!
      Okay So I went back to look at it just now. I actually only found that tier 2 needed plants around to use an ability, and tier 1 suggested plants around everyday.

      But…A few changes to help with that went in just the same though, because I would eventually downplay the plants needed for an hour; and perhaps I didn’t do that so well in the focus. But all is not lost.

      Now..its built into the focus to do that. Tier 2 you get around needing plants from Biosynthesis (at that point you only need additional water), and Tier 6 feels more overall “I am complete” as it avoids the drawbacks of tier 1’s Biosynthesis completely while providing the double points rest ability as an Enabler. Added descriptive text as well. Cheers and thanks for the feedback

  2. I was thinking of a Ninth World version of Poison Ivy (like from Batman the animated series). Added a picture I just found with both plants and (suggestions at least) of wires. hope it helps to reinforce the idea.

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