Manipulates Thru Vectors

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You were either born or given the ability to create your own Vectors. Vectors are the term given to telekinetic arms that originate from your back. The term vector is generally used to refer to a set of two arms.  However, it is also used when referring to a single arm.  Whether they come from mental focus, or from implants of some kind, these arms are ever-present. Theses invisible extra hands have become a valuable asset for your character.

Jacks are most often the ones blessed with vectors. The focus’s reliance upon speed, coupled with it’s versatility, make it a perfect choice for a jack. However, glaive and nano characters with vectors are not unheard of. The assistance that vectors supply is useful to almost any character.


GM Intrusion: You can easily lose concentration and end up entangling your vectors. This makes your vectors unusable until you spend a round untangling them.

  1. Choose a member of the group. That character knows all about your vectors, including number and range. The reason for this is that he can see your vectors, naturally. What that PC decides to do with this information is up to them.
  2. Pick one other PC. This character comes from the same place you do, and you knew each other as children. This character may or may not know about your vectors, but definitely believes you have special powers of some kind.
  3. Choose another PC. You believe that the PC sees you as a terrible monster. This is because they’ve seen you use your vectors in a violent way. Whether or not this person actually sees you this way is up to the PC.
  4. Choose another PC. That character has accidentally been “infected” with your vectors. This means that any children they have are likely to manipulate vectors. How this happened and how he feels about it is up to the chosen PC.
Additional Equipment:

You begin the game with several small jars of a glowing, glitter-like material. You can throw a single vial into the air, and it will coat your vectors. This makes them visible for 10 minutes. You begin the game with roughly 5 doses of this material.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The target is thrown off balance by your vectors. You gain an asset on the next attack roll against the target.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You gain a free additional action to be taken with one of your vectors.
Tier 1:

Manifest Vectors: The character developes two vectors on her back just below the shoulder blades. These vectors can reach anywhere within short range, and function just like normal hands and arms. The arms themselves seem to be comprised of some kind of solid force. This means that they function exactly like arms and hands for almost every purpose. However, they have no physical structure and therefore not limited by bone structure. This means that vectors can bend at any angle and still maintain strength. The arms do function as an additional set of hands, but do not allow for an extra action. You can see your own vectors, but cannot see anyone else’s. No one else can see your vectors without special aid or abilities.

It should be remembered at all times that vectors are constantly present and that they are fully functional, even beyond human standards, appendages. It must also be remembered that although they are powerful, vectors still have their limit. This means that vectors can grab, throw, hit, lift, and handle anything like a normal human hand can. Even delicate actions are possible with vectors, although they usually require concentration. They are comprised of solid force, and therefore, can bend around corners, loop over and under obstacles, and even zigzag to a target. They can be used to lift a character, or aid in a jump. However, they are not completely intangible. They cannot pass thru a solid object without destroying it. They always emerge from the back, and can be held in with a proper block. Vectors also cannot perform multiple actions at once without using the Multi-attack power.

Tier 2:

Expanded Vectors: The character now gains an additional set of vectors on his back. These usually appear just below the originals. Each new set of vectors allows for an additional application of Multi-attack, once gained. The vectors can also all be focused on a single target. This grants an asset on any melee attack roll, as it becomes harder to dodge.

Tier 3:

Extended Vectors: At this tier, the character’s vectors now extend out to long range. This applies to all vectors.

Tier 4:

Multi-attack (3 Speed points): This ability allows you to use your vectors to make an additional action this round. This ability can be activated a multiple number of times in a single action, but the wielder must pay full cost for each action. This counts as a single expenditure, so edge can only be applied once.

Tier 5:

Expanded Vectors II: This power effectively doubles the characters vector count. This brings the total up to four additional sets of hands. This means that if a character is willing to spend the Speed, he can take four additional actions per round.

Tier 6:

Virbo-Attacks (5 Speed points): This power allows the user to cause her vectors to vibrate at an excessively high rate of speed. This allows attacks from the vectors to “chew” through anything it hits. This power adds an additional 6 points of damage to a single attack. This power is not compatible with Multi-attack, but is functional with Expanded and Extended Vectors. This power lasts for one attack.

4 thoughts on “Manipulates Thru Vectors

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I get the image of Doc Oc when I think of this. I love the idea though!

  2. Sounds like someones been watching Elfen Lied

  3. Joshua Dudley says:

    I’m glad you like it. It was originally inspired by Elfen Lied. I watched that anime years ago, and still love it. I first used the idea a while ago, for a BESM Naruto game. This is when it took on a more Doc Oc style in application, since my character didn’t have to hide them. When I got in Numenera, it just seemed like such a cool idea for a focus, I had to do it. Hope you enjoy, and good gaming!

  4. Brad Benedetti says:

    I feel like the first one is really underpowered. I think it should give at least the same ability that “Need No Weapons” gives, maybe trained in speed defense instead?

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